Game Results (Rush… you are dead to me!)

I’m done with Rush. Definitely at the weekends anyway. It seems that the weekend is when all the C4 scrubs come out of the woodwork and wind their scrubby ways to the MCom before laying their explosive turds all over it. The only way to stop this infestation is to destroy them at their nest, but it only takes one of those odious creatures to get through the defences and the MCom is gone. Until Rentokill is available in the servers I’m avoiding Rush – it’s just no fun anymore in the current Douchey atmosphere.

Initially I was joined by Red_Dragons and Ark and we were doing quite well. I personally wasn’t doing very well, but as a team we were fairly rocking. I missed out on a couple of invites from Cards again – stupid 4 slot squads! After successfully defending and then attacking on Arica Harbour we were defending on Port Valdez and the C4 scrubbery really took off. Alpha was destroyed very quickly but there was no confirmation as to what they had used, but Bravo was seen to have been C4’d – that was it for me. Screw the lot of them. I told the guys I was hopping on to either SDM or Conquest.

Ark joined me in Conquest, but RD got lost to the internet 😦 So initially it was just the two of us – I sent out some squad invites and Gary joined in. So here’s the thing – you’ve got Rush with the C4 arseholes, or you can play Conquest or SDM both of which are infested by another type of creepy crawly – the M60/AN-94 Magnum Ammo Whores (MAMAW). They are like midges – annoying and get everywhere. But at least you can swat them easily. I was running around with the F2000 because that’s the kind of crazy fool I am.

Conquest generally goes one of three ways – you spawn trap them, they spawn trap you, or you fight tooth and nail for every sodding bit of ground that you possess. The latter is how the games went and that was amazing! It’s great to get a proper game going where people are actually doing what they’re supposed to and in the spirit of the game – HOORAY!

For the time being, I’m avoiding Rush – I just can’t be arsed with it.

Peas and loaves

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3 thoughts on “Game Results (Rush… you are dead to me!)

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  2. Hey man sorry for bailing on you that night and for missing your invites this past week, I was out of town for work and the wife was turning on the ps3 and it was logging me on.

    See you on the battlefield soon! Do knifes to the face work against c4 whores? That’s a theory to test out!

    • No problem at all.

      And to my cost I found out that if you try to knife in the face without stopping and counting to ten first turns you in to a clumsy oaf who misses point blank and gets stabbed instead.

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