Game Results (Yup – Rush is done)

By the time the Tiny Terror finally gave in and went to sleep it was quite late. I tried joining Cards, server full so I joined BSP’s game on Conquest. But no squad for me. No matter, I ran around as engineer with the M1 Garand and load of explosives to blow tanks up – and blow them up I did.

After a couple of games of being my own squad I got fed up. It’s really annoying when your squadmates don’t do anything you tell them don’t help out. I decided to try and join Cards again, this time I did get in to his squad. It was a case of DICE putting us in to matches that were so rubbish it was no wonder people were quitting. The last game went like this:

Arica Harbour – Attackers…. attacking? Seriously? Must be the last base… No! It’s the first base! ……oh, our team has two tickets left. YOUR TEAM LOST. Wow! Who’d a thunk it!?
Arica Harbour – Defenders. Engineer, Spas-12, mines, slugs, magnum ammo. Drop mines, killed by UAV. Respawn, shoot down UAV with Spas because I’m awesome. Bravo is planted, run to Bravo, Bravo destroyed with C4. Alpha destroyed by C4/2.0


I’m not playing Rush any more. I hate to act like a petulant child, but I play games to have fun and this bullshit is not fun for me.

Peas and loaves

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13 thoughts on “Game Results (Yup – Rush is done)

  1. yes, same here David, I think I’m gonna take a break. Tired of C4 nerds also. I’m on vacation next week, so will play more next week. Hopefully DICE will do something, make it take like 20 tries of C4 to blow it up. Catch u later.

    Oh yeah, maybe I’ll meet up with ur crew sometime.

    Take care

    • The one good thing about the last game is that I retained “The Dentist” award for drilling that guy who was about to steal one of our tanks.

      However, I can’t see EA changing the damage. It would be something if engineers could use their magical repair tool to repair the MCom.

      I’ve been looking for the link that Donncha posted where DICE were looking for feedback

  2. My Tiny Terror just woke us up. Sorry you had so many bad games in a row. Happened to me too but by the end of the evening’s play it improved somewhat.

    I haven’t played much conquest or SDM but maybe those modes (or particularly SDM) are what we should play more.

    I had hoped that Blacklight Tango Down would be the next game we could get into but it looks like another twitch shooter with very little use for team play. 😦

  3. Ditto…,

    I messed around with some randoms earlier last night playing rush… and yes there was a turd with C4 on the other team. Really messes up the game – I wonder if enough of us complained to DICE they might patch it and stop these idiots spoiling everyone’s enjoyment.
    Ironically, got into a full squad last night (for a change) playing conquest – otherwise would have been good to have joined with you. We had a pretty decent game of conquest – one of the guys is as ‘knife happy’ as you so would have been fun to see the carnage…!

  4. I think we all need to get this C4 sorted. The man at DICE has now started a link for consoles now

    If we all a comment we can this this done.

    I have just looked at the issues that need sorting and they have now added damage C4 vs MCOM’s. This is a right step in sorting this game out. Let’s hope they can make the mcom’s indestructible to totally remove the problem.
    If you added a comment to the link that David did then just copy from that to this link please as this is for console only


  5. I was going to leave this as a comment on my last post, but you’ll be glad to see this under the heading, “Issues that we know are a pain and are looking into”:

    Decreased C4 damage vs mcoms

    Hopefully they don’t mean that C4 damage was decreased and they’re going to increase it..

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