Give DICE Some Feedback…

DICE are looking for feedback on issues/bugs with the game. They’ve posted a thread on the EA forums (thanks Mike and Donncha for the links) specifically for console users. Listed are a number of issues that they are aware of, but perhaps reiterating them will help ensure that they really get the message.

It also wouldn’t hurt to constructively point out any other issues you may experience in the game. However, if you consider weapons/vehicles/stationary weapons overpowered then perhaps you should consider playing Halo (it shouldn’t take six hit markers from a HEAVY MG to kill an enemy).

Here is the list of issues they have identified:

Issues that we [DICE] know are a pain and are looking into:

Ability to leave a server during map loading
Stats for new vehicles
Spectator mode
Server lag fixed
Insignia bug (no requirement for SPECACT)
C4 does not always work
Horn isn’t audible to other players
No vertical line on GOL Sniper reticule
Black Hawk’s HUD is frozen
Private matches (going public?)
Hind and Havoc cockpit too bright
Team talk, not just squad chat
Silent M-Com Alarms on Map Pack Rush maps
Knife Autolock is Broken
Decreased C4 damage vs mcoms
Deployment in CQ capturable after all flags have been captured by 1 team
Revive invulnerability

I’ve added that all explosive weapons should have their damage vs MComs reduced. I’d also like to see in-vehicle comms enabled: e.g. get in a tank with a random and be able to speak to them rather than just hop in for the ride and end up getting mortared because they sit in the middle of the street for half an hour.

It’s interesting to read on the comments some of the people defending the use of C4 on the MComs. Their view is that it’s only noobs that have a problem with it as a “legit tactic”. I’d imagine that these are the same people who ONLY play attack and back out of pretty much every defence game they play. Looking at the C4 scrubs battle stats seems to indicate a very high instance of attacking gameplay compared to defending so no wonder they don’t see a problem in doing it because they don’t play the game properly to begin with!

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