Why Peer Voting Doesn’t Work

Peer voting is great if you’re popular, it’s not so good if you’re swimming against the current, or are not popular with those more popular than you.

YouTube is a prime example. There are people there who are supposed to be adults who think nothing of directing their “fans” to go and trash another person’s channel/rep/whatever just because they disagree with them. I find it particularly amusing/shocking to see posts stating: “So-and-so told me to vote you down, so there you go -1″…. It makes me wonder if “So-and-so” said “I want you to hit yourself in the groin with a claw hammer until you pass out” how many of their sheep would be posting from the Emergency Room that they’d done it and could they have a cookie.

If WoR didn't like it when F@G told people to flag his videos, why does he then direct his douchenozzles to assassinate an internet nobody?

Another problem with peer voting is that regardless of how rational, logical or correct your point of view is, if someone disagrees then they can “thumb you down”. And in the event that your view is not the consensus of the community then you can end up with a lot of negative thumbs/karma/kudos/internets – especially when someone with sway posts that they have +1/-1 someone, or “suggests” which way people should vote.

When the votes don’t actually count towards anything other than a number then it’s not really an issue, unless you give a toss about little numbers next to your name. But when those little numbers potentially reflect your status or inclusion in something then it becomes a problem and a power struggle between those with thousands of sheep to do their bidding, and those who can think for themselves.

Peas and loaves

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5 thoughts on “Why Peer Voting Doesn’t Work

  1. So I listen to the podcast that Woody, WOR and Kyle do and I listened to the new one last night where WOR asked people to do this. Hearing WOR of request this action didn’t really surprise me. However what did surprise me was that Woody didn’t say anything about it. I have very little respect for WOR but Woody, I generally consider to be a good guy and fair. And the fact that he wouldn’t call WOR out about basically abusing a mechanic on his site was somewhat surprising to me.

    These people that use their subs as their own personal army are truly pitiful. WOR acting out like this comes as no surprise but Woody going along with it is honestly just as bad.

    • Ahhh, it was on the podcast! I went looking for the video, so no wonder I couldn’t find it (I don’t like posting hearsay but now there’s a source then that’s cool).

      It’s sadder that people blindly follow what he (or anyone else on the internet) says.

    • Actually, that podcast should have a huge NSFW or for kids warning. I gave up after they started talking about the fleshlight and WOR went into detail about what some guys he knew used…

      • I haven’t even listened to it, and don’t intend to. Although if someone could give me the time code where Wings tells people to mark whatsis name down then I’d appreciate that.

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