If I Built a House…

I’d make sure that anyone that came to visit took their shoes off at the door, didn’t kick the dog, and certainly didn’t take a massive dump on the living room rug.

Similarly, if I was attempting to build a friendly online community I wouldn’t stand by while a supposed friend told his subscribers to register at the site for no reason other than to flame someone who is a complete internet nobody (well, they were a nobody until the “friend” lit them up).

What am I on about?

This: Excerpt from Painkiller Episode 14 with Wingsofredemption, Woodysgamertag, and FPSKyle

And before Wingsofredemption pulls his usual stunt and attempts to get this removed for violating copyright……: Copyright information: Source: painkilleralready Copyright Status: Fairuse for commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship.

Protected for fair usage under commentary, criticism and reporting.

Here’s the transcript:

Wings: Hey Woody, what is this karma thing on the site?
Woody: It’s just… anyone can give or take karma and over time it’s supposed to be a kind of reputation. You know, if you write good posts… if anyone makes me laugh, I’ll give them a thumbs up, or if they start off a topic that, um, that I thought, you know, led to some good or insightful conversation then they get a thumbs up too. I just dish out karma [Wingsofredemption interrupts and talks over the last part]
Wings: Alright, here’s what I want happen, here’s what I want from my subscribers: I want you to register at hai…hupitgaming dot com. In the uh main gaming thread there’s a thing called “another wingsofredemption thread”. The main hater, his name is Bo Royt [BROYT] [laughing from others] Thumb that nigger down [laughing from Woodysgamertag and FPSKyle]
Woody: He’s going to have negatve 900.
Wings: I want his karma to say, like negative ten thousand. [more laughter]
Woody: There is some guy, and I forget what the topic was, but he started a topic and it was like a total hater topic of one or another, and then he started another thread saying ‘I think hackers have invaded your site and given me a negative karma..” haha I think you’re a jackass.

Wingsofredemption sends his fanboys after many people, Optic, Hutch, KenBurton…. the list goes on. Normally that person has a fan base to defend them (but what’s the point? honestly?). But to ‘send the boys round’ over some pointless troll on a completely different site is only something that a cowardly bully would do. It’s not like WoR is even active on the hupit site, the only posts he makes are to tell the world how he is like totally awesome and everyone else sucks. By doing this WoR is actually being a bigger troll than the troll to begin with – especially as it is the moderators and admins that have to deal with the influx of emotionally unstable teens who are only too eager to trash something at this apparent adult’s behest.

And yet Woody stood by and allowed him to take a massive dump on his rug. To be honest, I am very disappointed.

Peas and loaves

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4 thoughts on “If I Built a House…

  1. Thanks for listening to it and posting this. I wonder if all those podcasts are like that? I’d be too embarrassed to host a podcast like that on my site. It’s tripe.

    So, WOR breeds chickens for an illegal activity, cockfighting, and don’t tell me his customers buy the chickens to look at or eat. He said himself he only breeds the most competitive and aggressive chickens he owns.
    He’s vindictive against anonymous users and he’s more than likely got a racist streak in him too. Charming guy.

  2. Come on, guys! Let’s get ‘im! *clack clack clack* Oooh… That Broyt-guy is gunna be sooo upset when he sees the thumbs down I gave him. Yeah!

    WoR is a breeder and leader of chickenbrains.

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