Game Results 25-07-2010

It was late when I got on. I played Rush. Well, two rounds I think it was, I joined BSP and brought Duck with me but the C4 was brought out and so on to Conquest we went. I’m fairly sure that we won all the games we were in at that point, an interesting time being on Laguna Presa where one of the enemy insisted on climbing up the scaffolding at the back of the lower spawn. While the rest of the squad were securing flags I was basically sneaking around behind enemy lines tying people up and every couple of minutes over the mic I’d hear “Dave, he’s up the scaffolding again….” – it’s quite amazing how much damage the G3 does from a distance when you burst fire it correctly. And it was always the same guy. Nevermind, thanks for the free kills scaffold wookiee!

Mike popped up online and we sorted out a squad. We played a mix of Conquest and TDM when we started to get pounded by the other side for some reason (maybe too many KD whores and not enough people going for the objectives – I think it was Port Valdez that we pulled the plug on Conquest).

During one of the games one of the guys on the squad asked me if it was okay for them to use some weapon (a shotgun I think)….. I was a bit taken aback to be honest. Use what you like. I didn’t buy you the game so why should I dictate to you what you should use? Same case if you’re trying to get a certain achievement – just let us (everyone on the squad) know what you’re up to and we’ll either leave you to it (sniping achievements), or help you out (flag defenses/attacks). And if you want to use the AN-94/M60 with magnum ammo then go for your life, you certainly don’t need my permission.

I think it was Mike’s last night of “freedom” on the weekend and as I’d been MIA for a lot of the weekend it turned in to a late one. How late? It was 4am when we finished our last game ZZZZzzzzz

Peas and loaves

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4 thoughts on “Game Results 25-07-2010

  1. Ah, looks like conquest is getting more play time? I just joined Mike in a game, unfortunately on the other side in a game of conquest. I’m in onslaught now having been killed twice by him!

    • Yes, it’s the preferred game mode for me at the moment. SDM can get quite boring. On Conquest until your team start to really screw up it’s a pretty cool game – and it’s easier to massage your stats when you’re not blingly flinging yourself at an MCom every two minutes.

      I still can’t really get in to Onslaught though – although they’ve made it harder the AI are still stupid. If you drive a tank to the flag you can get on the machine gun until it’s down to about 30 health from rockets, jump out and repair it around the back. When you’re no in it they don’t try and destroy it – even though if WE were in a real game we’d take out their vehicles whether they were in use or not.

  2. Missed some good games last night on conquest. I was on fire last night. Started the night with some flight practise for an hour to see what I could do and it went well on the atc dersert. So I started conquest on that map but getting a chopper is hard as It is first come first served but had some good games equal matched with some good come backs. Didn’t even touch Rush but still had a good game of that on Sunday afternoon but it gets ruined by the C4 nods eventually.

  3. Thanks for the invites – but got a bit tied in to the squad I was with.

    Bloody awesome final game of conquest the night before last (Arica Harbor) – one of those games when everything just seemed to gel (or perhaps the other team were just plain idiots?) – got a K/D of 4.00 (20/5) – best ever! Last night it was back to reality – even had the embarrassment of someone putting a trace on me – which amused my fellow squad mates – me leaping around with a red, glowing arse. C’est la vie!

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