Game Results 30 & 31st July 2010


Conquest Conquest Conquest…. and some more Conquest. Joined Mike and Donncha on Laguna Alta and you know that really horrible thing that happens to a team when all the bases are captured? Well, it happened, over and over to the other team. After Donncha called it a night we were joined by Sulley19 and Drunkindunkin where the spawn violation continued.

At one point Mike voiced how badly he felt about it as we continued to sit in the enemy base on Port Valdez in tanks destroying anything that moved. I felt bad too, honestly. I felt bad that the other team had been so easy to get to that position. Port Valdez is usually a tooth and nail map! Totally ruined it for me…… nah, not really. And when it comes down to it, the other side would have had no qualms in doing it to us – and that is a reality, and a fact of Conquest.

There were two things that happened during the session, the first was being called a “camping bitch” by some guy – probably for being in the enemy spawn (top tip: never spawn in your base on Conquest as there is usually some arsehole from the other team waiting to kill you) and the second was a re-occurring bout of StealYourKillyitis. Mike was trying to go for knife kills, but just as he was reaching the enemy I’d get them first with the gun, not realising Mike was just about to get them (the best was the CarlG shot on Laguna Presa….).

Oh, and we had a WoR moment on Port Valdez. Red_Dragons revived me by Bravo, but didn’t make sure that everyone on the map was dead first which meant that we both got killed. So I travelled back in time to kill his grandfather to ensure it never happened again. But really, it’s no big deal. It’s just a bloody game, and I’d rather have people willing to run in and revive than medics sitting in bushes helping no-one but their own KD. Thanks RD – I appreciate the effort.


I got on pretty late. There were people on, but I know they’d be in Rush, and you all know how I feel about Rush…. So I played Conquest with randoms. I joined a squad with some German guy who was pretty good, until he switched sides halfway through (I thought that was an Italian trick….) unfortunately for him he switched to the losing side. It was okay, but I was bored of no communication. Having toyed with the idea of joining SDM for some camping C4 action I decided that I’d see what Cards was up to….

Ah, Rush. Or AAARRGGHHH RUSH! One or the other. But there didn’t appear to be much if any C4 abuse going on. Attacking on Arica Harbour there was the worst UAV pilot known to man. He tried to fly the UAV with ONE stick of C4 on it in to Alpha (the garage one) on the second base. I was already in there HAVING ARMED IT THE PROPER WAY and I look up and there’s this toy helicopter in my face! Well, he hovered about a bit not really being able to get it to the MCom until it blew up and then decided to drift on out like some pissed off bluebottle.

On these games I decided to take more of a support role rather than my usual gung-ho get to the MComs at all costs attitude as I’m no fan of Rush at the moment, so for the most part I was killing defenders. At the last base I was in the green demountables across from the construction area giving cover fire and mopping people up until the last MCom was armed and it was all hands to the pumps!

Defending on Port Valdez – some guy was on the heavy MG when we spawned but obviously hadn’t thought about its more esoteric uses. So I used the less armoured MG in the window of the house behind Alpha to do most of the deforestation until that got destroyed and boyo in construction got UAV’d. Eventually they couldn’t make it down the hill – easy win for us.

And then it all went pear shaped. We were attacking, and it was going brilliantly until my PS3 froze on Base 3. On reboot I found I was on the other team despite joining via squad invite….. Bah!

So my team won AND lost that one. I ended up in a squad with BSP and mussleking on Valparaiso, and I knew from the get go that we were unlikely to win against Cards and friends…. and I was right. I even turned to smoke to try and provide some cover but the rest of the team could barely make it past sniper’s ridge. And that was the night for me.

Thanks everyone, it was cool and the gang.

Peas and loaves

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5 thoughts on “Game Results 30 & 31st July 2010

  1. ‘Lambs to the slaughter’ I think the words are…!
    Never been revived and instantly killed so many times – good that mussleking was so keen but probably would have been better to have let me R.I.P. occasionally just for some respite from cards and co.

    • Yes, mussleking was very…. keen. Not so much a problem for me where I was, but in the open reviving is not such a good idea when the opposition is so effective.

  2. AH! I swear to baby jebus I check to see if people are around! Just for that I’ll mirror you all next game only to throw you health kits and revive you!

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