I’ve Been Plagiarised…

But I’m in good company:


Seems that a user named HKS-Squad808 on hupit has a severe case of the old copypasta.

GamesInANutshell.com, Den Kirson, and me this guy has been posting up guides by us without any indication that they are not his work. Not even a link to the original pieces or even quotation marks.

I’ve edited out the Den Kirson guide as I know for a fact he is not Mr Kirson, and I’m waiting to hear back from Josh at GIN before deciding the fate of the other posts, but honestly? Come on….

I suppose I should be flattered in a way, but instead I’m incredulous at the level of stupidity of some people.

Peas and loaves

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6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Plagiarised…

  1. That is some pretty 1337 company you’re keeping there.

    The utter stupidity that it took for this guy to post this is sort of hard to wrap my mind around. Worse yet he claims to be 20 years old. I could kind of see a dumb kid pulling something like this, but anyone that has presumably graduated High School should know better.

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