Rush go BOOM

DCRU Colin, Cardsnumber7, OogBilly, Me. Other than posting BFBC2 vids to YouTube we also have something else in common – we’re fed up with C4 on Mcoms, or Mines on Mcoms, or Engineer/Assault combos firing rockets at the Mcom from across the map.

There are probably others who’re fed up with it too, but it seems that over the past week a great schism has formed on the Battlefield. On the one side you have the score whore douchebags who don’t give a toss about actually playing the game, and on the other the players who just want to have a decent game.

That’s the problem with console gaming – you can’t set up your own game with specific rules. Come on, this is the 21st Century – surely we can get our own private lobbies with our own rules (or the rules of the game, as the case may be). Even if the results didn’t count towards your global score (like in Onslaught) to prevent the other pantheon of douchebaggery – Boosting.

OogBilly – *NSFW*

DCRU Colin


Oh, and before anyone comes out with the “It’s easy to defend against C4…” nuggets of wisdom, allow me to declare bullshit straight away. If it was easy to defend against then there wouldn’t be so many people who are fed up with it. And the ability to defend against it has NOTHING to do with the skill level of the defenders – it takes ONE ticket to destroy an MCom out of 75. So for each base only 2:75 need to get to the base. I’d also like to throw it out there that I reckon the worst C4 abusers (and defenders of the tactic) probably don’t bother to play in defense games anyway, instead backing out to rejoin as attackers to score the oodles of points they so desperately crave.

Peas and loaves

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6 thoughts on “Rush go BOOM

  1. It really sucks because I really don’t like SDM and Conquest while fun is no where near as fun as a good game of Rush.

    It isn’t just that it pisses me off on defense when the attackers are doing it. It pisses me off when I’m attacking and my own team is doing it. The game just becomes incredibly boring. And of course I’m sure we’ve all been in the position of having armed a crate and are defending it only to have a teammate run up and C4 the thing making your arming and defense efforts completely worthless.

  2. Well said and thanks for posting the videos. Colin had a series of Conquest games over the weekend with subscribers, probably partly in response to how bad Rush is now. I must say, I’m enjoying it a lot more than the current state of Rush games.

    Tyewebb – you nailed it. Even on attack I hate it too just because it’s so boring. Games are over way too fast. Sucks.

    Hope DICE sort it out but I’m not holding my breath.

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