PS3 Slim and Blur Demo

I’ve gotten hold of a PS3 slim as part of a mobile phone deal as I’ve been having a niggling thought in my head that my PS3 Chubby is going to YLOD. There’s no one thing that’s been making me think it’s going to blow up, but it’s a couple of years old now, out of warranty and when my Xbox RROD’d it literally did it overnight, without warning, and despite the fact that it had hardly been used (Microsoft did fix it though). Over the past couple of months the PS3 has been used a lot more than the Xbox ever was and has been reliable……

Now, the fixed Xbox has similarly not been used much since the PS3 came in to the house, and that even has an intermittent RROD. So when the other half’s mobile phone contract was up we decided that instead of being screwed by the phone company as a loyal customer we’d see who’d give us the best deal. And one “free” PS3 was the winner. Kills two birds with one stone – negates the issue of YLOD for me and means that games in the house now only need to be bought on one format.

There is one fly in the ointment though, Spectact kits and Onslaught mode are on the chubby and I’m using the skinny. But that’s no biggie. Although I enjoy reading about Donncha’s exploits on Onslaught I don’t think it’s a big enough draw for me to warrant paying for it.

In other news, I downloaded the Blur demo and that’s been a great diversion from BFBC2 and shooters in general. One thing that normally turns me off racing games is that people who play them generally get a bit fixated and spend their time learning the courses inside out to the point that they don’t really need to look at the screen. When you race against those sorts they get in to first place never to be seen again. Blur levels the playing field as a much more casual racer by having the ability to screw up the people who are in front of you, in the lead, or even those behind you. And that’s all jolly good fun for people like me who don’t have the time or inclination to memorise tracks back to front.

So far I’ve only played it with one person on my friends list – Duck. He’s very good, pulling first place in most of the races we played while I generally brought up the rear. Not that it’s an issue for me as I was having fun, and that’s what gaming is all about to me. My stats for the game are 5 first places out of 45 races – that’ll do for me.

The only downside to Blur for me (if the demo is the same as the full game) is the time in between race finish and race start. From crossing the finish line to getting in to the next race takes about a minute – that’s a loooooong time to be in lobby for me. Hopefully the full game has a Quick Race option because I couldn’t deal with that amount of down time after every race.

And here’s a vid, because I’m nice like that

And check out Duck’s channel for more Blur and Race Driver Grid vids.

Peas and loaves

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2 thoughts on “PS3 Slim and Blur Demo

  1. I’m downloading the demo now. It’s at 69% but it still let me start installing it when I clicked on it on the dashboard. Weird. Give me Stunt Car Racer any day 🙂

    Hope you reconsider Onslaught. I’d love to see how we’d do in hardcore mode against the enemy AI. They’re very tough. I haven’t finished a majority of the games I’ve played at that difficulty. Isla is a right pain because of the enemy heli.

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