Game Results 05-08-2010 360 NO SCOPE NOOB TUBE

I wasn’t actually going online last night, but ended up playing the Blur demo for many hours last night with Donncha, Mike, TyeWebb and Duck. We had a couple of hiccups with the lobby system where we were in a party; when the race would start we would either be dumped back to the lobby, or, to be really odd, two of us would be in one race, and the other three were on a completely different track – only to be put back together at the end of the race….

In the end we essentially had a lobby to ourselves. This was a lot of fun and enabled Duck to get a fairly large win streak as FPS gamers do not necessarily make the best racers. I don’t know what happened with the match making system as apart from about two races at the beginning of the session no randoms joined us at all – not that I’m complaining, and I think anyone who joined may have been put off by our general mic abuse…. and the vast array of pink cars being used (real men drive pink punishers).

In retrospect I think that Duck was using a 360 no scope noob tube aimbot wallhack to get him in to first place so often. There were certainly lots of accusations of such underhand tactics, along with danger close, being used in the game….. but I’m sure Duck will say that it was all legitimate.

One good thing about being in a lobby on our own was that we could basically cock about as much as we liked, including racing “taxis” only on some maps. The taxi being the LRX Land Rover thing that looks like the seven seater taxis you get over here in the UK.

A lot of fun. Thanks guys.

Peas and loaves

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5 thoughts on “Game Results 05-08-2010 360 NO SCOPE NOOB TUBE

  1. I was thinking about our lack of success getting randoms to join our lobby. I wonder if its because we were playing the demo and it limits us to only match making with other demo users. Or it could be related to us being such low levels the game took pity on us and didn’t match us up against higher levels.

    In closing, Duck was clearly cheating, and I’m going to blame my overall lack of success on lag.

  2. I was playing it for the first time laaaaate last night and I only came in first once -and that was because everybody except for one other person left the race. Yay me?

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