Game Results 6 – 8th August 2010

6th August

It was Blur Demo time with Taxi racing and Pink punishers everywhere. A lot of fun. Almost as much fun as Duck getting his first fanboy when we decided to have a go of the Demolition game mode. I was surprised the Duck didn’t accept any of the 83,000 friend requests that the guy sent him…..

The demolition game mode was fun, but got boring very quickly. There are two tracks, a figure of eight of doom and a bowl of doom. The bowl of doom was my preferred track as it seemed to be better suited to the concept of mashing the other players up unlike the figure of eight where you could be driving around and not actually find anyone for half the time. And unlike other titles like “Destruction Derby” there are no lap points so really you should park up by the “red shell” spawn and keep firing those.

I’m looking forward to getting the full game on Tuesday, especially as there are modes such as team racing available (Go Team Taxi!).

7th August

Because there is an issue with some players joining when I create a squad (maybe I should unblock them? ….. just kidding) Sulley19 created the squad which comprised of him, Duck, Mike and me. We played Rush, yes Rush on the understanding that if it turned in to a C4 turdfest then we’d drop out.

Although there was no real C4ing of the MComs (despite one guy trying to do it after I armed a crate on Atacama – GTFO!) the anticipation of it happening dulled my desire to get in to the game properly. I’m sorry to say, but I really wasn’t being much of a team player despite getting six MComs in the session and earning my 100 Mcom thingy badge in the stats. Normally I’d be throwing myself at the objectives, but when you’re waiting for the douchebags to get in the game and ruin it you just don’t have the same compulsions. On Arica I donned the Wookiee kit and provided mortar strikes, spotting and took out the filthy snipers on the other team who tried to sit in our base, but in general I just played safe.

Our team was joined by Ark, Eggroll and Cardman42, so all in all, the other side had a proper uphill battle on their hands.

I actually felt disappointed with myself as I’d been holding back instead of just enjoying the game.

8th August

T’was Conquest, t’was laggy. As laggy as lagtastic logger running across a field o’ molasses while tethered to a large tree by many rubber bands. When we finally got in to a game with no noticeable lag there was still something iffy going on with the servers. Hit registration was fairly non-existent against some players (and it wasn’t just me that was seeing this) and all in all it was crap.

I’m finding it very hard at the moment to be optimistic about Battlefield. I’m getting fed up with the same old maps (and additional game modes a map pack does not make), the same old exploits and now the “mlg pro” halo jump shotgun medics seem to be appearing. I was wondering how long it would be before encountering them.

Stroll on Tuesday.

Peas and loaves

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6 thoughts on “Game Results 6 – 8th August 2010

  1. I forgot about that guy and the friend requests. Was he the guy who was talking the whole time, or the ninja guy who kept winning, (and also appearing on my screen when I was wrecked).

    Teamplay could be really good, though I wonder how we’d support each other? It’s not like one car would be an ambulance, another a tank, and another an AA truck while the last would be a camouflaged motorbike with long range weaponry … We could decide that one person will be the winner, but we all know it’ll be Ducky anyway so.. 😉

    • It was the guy with Sniper in his name, who liked MW2 and swearing (although not necessarily in that order). Part way through the game I sent Duck a message saying “He loves yooooo”.

      Hilarity ensued.

      Got to get to level 14 apparently before you can do team racing anyway, hopefully that won’t take too long.

      • Ah that’s right! I kept seeing his name appear on my screen. Grrr.

        BTW – “mlg pro” halo jump shotgun medics? They guys who hop and shoot a shotgun? Hop to avoid your shot and then shoot you?

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  3. What looks like a promo video of Blur Teamplay. My guess is that Blur videos aren’t that popular on Youtube. Not quite as exciting as an FPS to watch!

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