The Traditional Milestone Post

Soooo, 500 people have subscribed to my YouTube channel. And it’s apparently traditional that this is marked with a special video to commemorate the event. Although I appreciate everyone who has subscribed and think it’s awesome that people want to subscribe to my channel the amount of subscribers I have is not important to me. I hope that that last bit doesn’t get misunderstood, so for clarity:

Subscribers = Cool
Amount of subscribers = not important

My channel has never been about getting oodles of subscribers, I like that people sort of find my channel and decide they like it. I’m happy doing what I do and if other people like it then that’s a bonus.

There are two requests that I was able to fulfill in this video, the first being the intro track from The Prodigy, shiznit asked for one of two and the chosen one is actually neither. But it is The Prodigy so I hope that is cool. The second request was for some GTA4 gameplay. Easy…. or so I thought. My game saves are on my other PS3 so I had to record from the beginning of the game which is why I have the world’s slowest Police chase and only manage a three star wanted level in the second chase (although I did steal the police van when the cops jumped out to try and shoot me “YAGB!”). So thanks for the requests.

When I had about eighty subscribers I did put one of my gameplays on JLGReality’s channel and Czeko92 went on to feature me on his, but other than that it’s been fairly organic. At the beginning some subscribers joined me from Geoff‘s channel, and without Geoff there wouldn’t be much of a channel. Then there were mentions from EightThoughts, Cardsnumber7 and DCRU colin, not to mention the continued support from Donncha via the medium of WordPress. There are a load of other people who’ve consistently supported the stuff that I’ve put up, both here on the blog and also on my channel. I don’t think I need to name them, they know who they are and you only have to take a look in the comments sections to see who they are. So to everyone who’s been a continuous viewer/reader – thank you. And to those who’ve recently come across my stuff – thanks and welcome aboard.

I have been asked if I’d put someone’s video on my channel to help them get more subscribers. Basically, the answer to that is ‘No’. Instead I decided that any announcement, or milestone videos will be open to video responses, chances are that if someone sent a video response I’d accept it anyway on most vids, but these special editions will be completely open. So if you have a vid you would like to share, and maybe get some additional views, or subscribers from it then you know what to do.

I think it’s important for people to realise that just because you put videos on YouTube it does not make you special. It just means that you put videos on YouTube. You’re still a regular guy/gal playing video games, the only difference is that you have the capability to put videos on the internet. And that doesn’t change no matter how many subscribers (or fans, if you must use that term) you have. Admittedly, the first time I got in game with someone who was on YouTube I was going “wow, I’m in a game with someone from YouTube….” inside, but outside, and on the mic, it was all about the game.

I’ve recently started playing with notifications off which means that I don’t see any messages that people send until I actually go into the Playstation menu. So if you send a message asking to join a game or anything like that, chances are it’s going to be at least five or ten minutes before you may get a reply. You’re welcome to join a game though, I don’t own the internet (if only….), but on any game type other than SDM please join on the same team. SDM – every man for himself, Sulley19 is currently the only person on my friends list who has my tags in BFBC2.

Lastly, I think. Getting in touch. YouTube messages are your best bet if you want to drop me a line, there’s also this blog, but only comment if it relates to the post. Twitter –, and a Facebook page thing that’s not really in use (but if people used it then it would be…. hmmm Catch-22). Messaging me anywhere else is going to either be really low priority, or ignored.

So a big thankyou to everyone who has supported me in all that I’ve done from January right through to the now. It’s been brilliant and I’ve met a lot of really cool people (that is actually a benefit of being on YouTube). So here’s to many more!

Peas and loaves

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8 thoughts on “The Traditional Milestone Post

  1. Congrats David on the growth of your Youtube channel. Very happy it’s receiving the recognition it deserves 🙂

    Here’s to many more games in the future! (holds up an imaginary pint of beer)

  2. well done dave!!! even though i know you only about 2 weeks im overjoyed 😀
    also myslef donnacha and ian have all of irelands and when there is only one of us on WE OWN IRELANDS INTERNET MWAHAHAHA
    enjoy the ever growing channel

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