Game Results (Lag and Trash Talk)

Over the weekend I had mostly been playing Blur because I want to get levelled up and BFBC2 has been full of little annoying problems that have been slowly pissing me off. So we’ll start with BFBC2…

Friday? Maybe. Can’t remember. Played some Rush as I joined Donncha and Mike, I was on a squad on my own and then they joined me on Port Valdez. The enemy team didn’t have much of a chance to be honest as there were about eight people on our team from my friends list. I know the people on my friends list are good communicators and team players which meant that unless we were up against at least two organised squads on the enemy team we were on to a winner…… and we were.

When we got on to Nelson Bay BigMooney was on our team which made it even worse for the opposite team, and was also a reminder that I needed to send him the friend request I said I would a couple of weeks ago. However, he switched sides part way through (Robert the Bruce isnae deid wi him aroon) to join what I assume was one of his friends as they were running the same clan tags.

They did a good job on the defense with BigMooney seeming to only have his sights on me as he killed me numerous times. I’m fairly sure that we won the attack and lost the defense, but I’m not 100% on that – and I think that when we were attacking someone was using C4…..

There was then White Pass….. it was the first time I’d played it on Rush and what a box of frogs that map is. I don’t know what DICE was thinking by making that map. I don’t see how anyone can successfully defend it – attackers essentially spawn at Base One and then the other bases are all in destructible buildings.

I got disconnected just as the last base was about to fall (thanks DICE) and when I got back in the game we were on defense. So I’d lost the points I’d earned in the game and the win. I told the squad I had no intention of trying to defend that map so we headed to SDM. I did send BSP a squad invite as we had a free slot, but when we spawned on Arica Harbour it was filled by a random who was dubbed Gentle Ben for his contribution to the squad.

By the time we were on Nelson Bay the precipitation of tiny irks cascaded as I got stuck on the terrain for the billionth time. Fair enough you can’t go up slopes and stuff without jumping, but when you’re running along a twig on the floor, or four inch step should not be enough to stop you in your tracks! And then there’s the lag……

I like obvious lag. I like it when you know that you’re being screwed by a load of ping, I like to rubber band – I know where I am with that. I know that when I’m being affected by lag I need to alter how I play. BFBC2 makes it so that the first you know about lag is banana bullets and point blank shotgun shots missing. I was running the 870 shotgun and magnum ammo (no slugs) – up close that’s a one hit kill. I had one guy climb up a ladder stand right in front of me – the aiming circle was filled by his body but I didn’t even get a hitmarker when I shot and while I was recycling the chamber he killed me with the Scar.

In FPS games I want to see my ping because there’s a certain value above which I’m not interested in playing, or rather, above a certain value it’s not worth playing.

So…. Blur

I’ve been concentrating on levelling up in Blur as the online game is dominated by people who are level 30+ who vote for the fastest most open tracks and then choose cars that lower ranks cannot compete with to get huge leads and massive winstreaks. It’s not just FPS that people put their tryhard pants on.

On the whole, the game is a lot of fun but is let down by the lack of people playing, the lack of dedicated servers and the iffy lobby system. There are also connection issues with people being randomly dropped from lobbies for no apparent reason – this is especially so when playing transatlantic games.

But on with the trash talking. Mostly the players of Blur don’t use Mics so it tends to be the four or five of us who normally play Battlefield chatting away in game. You can only mute people in the lobby though, and that can be a problem. For example, last night I joined Duck and TyeWebb. They were in the Learner Driver section that is for level 10 or below. I imagine TyeWebb was <10 and Duck joined him as he was level 21 or something and I was level 20 at the time.

It wasn't such a big deal, we were running the first cars available in the class and just having a bit of fun (unlike the "beginner" lobby I joined when I first started playing that was full of level 30+s all running Dodge Vipers and I had an Audi S3….). That was until Duck forgot to change his car and I was jokingly remonstrating him for being a tryhard. All of a sudden this person called "BigRon" started on the mic (complete with octave changer to alter the squeaker voice) trash talking us because we were level 20's and padding our stats, ruining it for everyone else….. despite us not actually winning much anyway. But the tipping point was when "BigRon" decided to use the C-Word. I said that bad attitudes and foul mouths are what ruined it for everyone and how we were running the exact same, if not worse kits than everyone else….. but my indignation fell on deaf ears as both Duck and "BigRon" both disconnected.

TyeWebb thought they must have gone for a 1v1 quickscope sniper lobby on Rust to settle their differences…… When we got back in game together we had a discussion about trash talking and how it all boils down to the "yeah, you may be right, but you're still a faggot" types of responses. It was almost a prediction of what was to come….

We joined a race and before we were even out of the first corners Doctor-Hands (a child/woman) was already calling one, or all of us "douchebags" for no apparent reason as far as I can recall. I think Duck may have mentioned that he thought there was a girl in the game but there was nothing "trash talky" up until that point (and we were just talking amongst ourselves anyway). Luckily for Doctor-Hands, Face414 was there to back him/her/it up with the tired old comments about British teeth (which I'd already mentioned in previous races – so no points for originality for him).

I'm not entirely sure what the issue was, but it was a mistake for ANYONE to think they could out yap Duck. If words per minute were pennies, he'd be a millionaire. After the first race I muted our insolent cousins as they really had nothing worthwhile (or original) to say, and it was great because while I was able to concentrate on the race, they were more interested in trash talking which allowed me to wreck Doctor-Hands on more than one occasion. The best thing I heard on the mic was from Sulley19 who joined in the middle of the abuse and said something like: "Sir….sir, do not attempt to get in to it with me as I will use words so complicated that you will not understand…” Brilliant.

Sooo…. trash talking aside, an evening of Blur was quite enjoyable. Although, from now on I’m going to be muting everyone who’s not on my friends list. I had hoped that it wouldn’t be necessary as I’m sure that there are a load of non-trashers out there, but as there is no in-race capability to mute I’m not going to risk having a whole race of mic abuse again.

And Duck….. shhhhhh – less is more.

Peas and loaves

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5 thoughts on “Game Results (Lag and Trash Talk)

  1. when you left it really hit off i would have been the richest man in the world with the speed of the irish mouth. also i kissed the blarney stone(donnacha?)we also started talking in irish calling the dogs and they were on the toilet all the time it was fun 🙂

  2. I think I need to play Blur single player. I haven’t played it yet and it shows. Last every bloody time.

    Oh Duck – I was this close, |—-| , to muting you 😛

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