Intros – Inspiration Where Credit is Due

Cardsnumber7 and DCRU Colin recently put up a couple of vids relating to Colin getting on to PS3 (he had up until recently been exclusively Xbox360). Colin did a great job of editing the intro for them and although I supplied a snippet of footage I had nothing to do with it. However, there was a bit of confusion about my involvement due to my penchant for using a different intro for most of my videos. A number of people assumed that I had created the intro, but alas, no. It was all Colin. So all props, kudos, and cookies to him.

But that’s not where the credit in the credit is due comes in. Oh no. No no no. While reading the comments on Cards’ video something struck me, triggering a train of thought that went thundering along the tracks of history into the station of recognition. Off the train came a recollection and realisation that I’d completely forgotten about….

But we’ll get back to that shortly. Let’s talk about my intros. The first intro that I used on my vids was completely YouTube copyright safe. There was no way that it could be blasted by YouTube’s copyright cannon (and I’m not saying that YouTube is in the wrong by protecting copyright). I created the animation and the music was from a royalty free source. It was designed to be as ear bleeding and eye wateringly bright as possible in order to be memorable.

On YouTube everyone has something that is their hook. The thing that marks out that you are watching THEIR video. For most people it is the first thing they say, whether it’s “Hellloooo mynameis SeaNanners”, “What’s up my nuggets”, or “G’Day guys, Geoff here” as soon as you hear that you know who’s video you’re watching. I decided I wasn’t going to have an intro. All the good ideas were already taken so anything I came up with would just be derivative and ultimately annoying. Which is why I have the outro instead.

But intros, yeah. So after a couple of videos I got bored of the same intro. So then I came up with this smashing idea – why not use a cool snippet for my next intro? Yeah, that’d be really cool! And I’ll stick some cool music over it. It was great, and it worked out really well. I synced it up to the music, put some effects on there – it was rocking. When my next vid came out I had a load of clips from games (which is usually the case – one glowing spark in a puddle of mediocrity most of the time) and I thought: “There’s a load of really brilliant tracks out there that I like, so why not just have a load of different intros that I can then rotate through….”.

And so that’s how my intros came about. The intros became my hook. I’m glad I came up with the idea….. Or did I?

Well let’s go back to the train. Who was that getting off? Hang on a second of a minute…. that’s Cardsnumber7! While reading the comments on his video I’d realised that I’d totally stolen the concept of using game footage for an intro from him. Someone had posted a comment that the Cards/Colin intro was good, but not as good as his original intro – the “Boats and ho’s” one. As I read the comment my mind went through the different intros Cards had been using when I realised that the only reason I had started using gameplay for intros was after seeing one of Cards’ vids!

I remembered the first Cardsnumber7 vid I saw and how I thought “Now that’s a cool intro”…. but had totally forgotten all about it as I’d gone on to do my ‘own thing’.

When I realised this (a couple of days ago) I sent Cards a message telling him, and so here is me putting it out there that my intros were directly influenced by Cards’ original intro (even though it took me long enough to actually realise it – what a dumbass I am).

Peas and loaves

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5 thoughts on “Intros – Inspiration Where Credit is Due

  1. Wow! Thanks man. I really appreciate that story. I will have to say that it seemed at the time. Everyone just had graphical intros with their name in it. I wasn’t good enough and still am not good enough to make one.

    Here’s the story if interested. We were just messing around in an Empty Squad Rush game. Everyone was just messing around and I said “keep spinning like that” Later we added tracer darts to the guy and it looked like a disco with the armed charge going off and him spinning on the mcom. I thought it was funny, added (Boats and Hoes) and decided to use it as an intro, and believe it or not as generic as it is. I’ve actually gotten messages stating they love my intro (several believe it or not)

    After that, I started noticing alot more people using game footage for their intros. It seems alot more common now actually. Funny…

    Thanks for this story, made me smile.

    BTW all your intro’s are awesome(you’re kinda known for it now 🙂

    • The other night when I had the revelation (just before I sent you the message) I actually felt like a bit of a douche because I keep getting these comments about my intros when it wasn’t even my idea!

      I was so busy going “Yeah, that’s right baby, I am THE man!” to realise where it had originated. So that’s corrected now.

  2. hold it now. in this modern day we are still talking about trains??? 😛
    very good story though.i have never watched a full cardsnumber7 video (sorry) but i kepp getting a kick out of the intro 🙂
    also the night ye all joined up for colin i asked my squad “who the F**k is colin???” i got a response of “who the F**k are you???”

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