Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Ultimate Edition

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Ultimate Edition….. wow this is an excellent deal what every right thinking and fed up consumer would refer to as “the retail version that should have been released originally”.

It includes the pre-order perks, the “VIP” map modes (not map packs, there have been NO map packs released for this game), and Onslaught the co-op mode that was missing at release and offered as an optional extra. You’ll also get BF:1943 included to allow more people to gain veteran status as, let’s be honest here, BF:1943 is a fairly lagtastic bag o’ shite.

So if you haven’t already got BFBC2, order your copy now – it’s out on the 3rd of September and is cheaper than the original retail version too.

Thanks DICE/EA, you’ve really shown your consumers what you really think of them (as if there was any doubt).

Screw you too.


Peas and loaves

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