Black Ops, or Medal of Honor?

I’m not asking which one to get as at the moment it’s going to be neither. What I’m asking is: is there a difference? Despite them coming from different developers both the games are remarkably similar.

It seems the only thing that differentiates them is the gimmicks. The look and kill “pop ups” are almost the same. In this video from Hutch it looks very similar to the Kabul Ruins level from the MOH Beta:

And here’s MOH in case you haven’t seen it yet:

I know there’s only so much you can do with an FPS…. but really?

Peas and loaves

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4 thoughts on “Black Ops, or Medal of Honor?

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  2. It does look similar but I think COD pips MOH. I watched part 2 as well, and Shaun said that tactical insertion is back so it’ll likely be abused by boosters again. Hopefully there won’t be the equivalent of the nuke.

    Not sure if I’ll buy it yet. After playing the MOH beta I’ve been totally turned off it but hopefully there’ll be a beta and apparently the game will be quite different to the beta we played.

  3. I think the Wager Game Mode in Black Ops looks pretty fun. This new addition of COD currency is interesting, however I’ve seen it being referred to as ‘CP.’ Given that CP on the internet usually refers to something you don’t want to be associated with they may want to come up with a new acronym.

    In regards to tactical inserts and boosters, I just hope they put a cage match in the playlist so all the boosters can go there and do their thing and leave everyone else alone. FPS Kyle had a good comment once, they should just rename the Cage Match game type Booster Arena.

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