Game Results 05-09-2010

I had originally arranged to play multiplayer GTA4 with Duck, but he was late so ended up playing Nazi Zombies with BigMooney instead. It didn’t quite go according to plan as neither of us had anyone online at that time who was up for some Zombies so we attempted to take out the endless horde of the undead by ourselves. But we were thwarted by the perennial beast: lag.

In theory Zombies should be the perfect game for me, except when we have a connection issue which meant that when Mooney was host, I got the single red bar, and when I hosted, he got it. Even when we tried to join a random lobby he STILL got host which meant that everyone had a bad connection.

In the end we decided to just pack it in and try some multiplayer TDM. We were joined by two people from his friends list and Donncha from mine. From my experience so far of World at War there are three types of player on there, The Silent, The Obnoxious, and, The Retarded. Last night we ran in to a number of people who fitted in to the two latter categories – some of them had a tick in both boxes.

What I’d like to know is this: do these people ONLY have World at War? Is it the only game they ever bought – or maybe it’s the only game the secure facility they inhabit will allow them to play.

Anyway – BigMooney’s connection problems continued and he called it a night. Donncha, Captain(something) and I continued through various levels of mic abuse for a couple more rounds. There were the “we’re going to own you all” squeakers who all had the same clan tag….. and weren’t that good. And also one guy who thought he was all that, but ran into my Bouncing Betties every round….. even though I placed them in the same spot. So much for popping “Eva’s” hole, buddy (yes, he really was that retarded).

Donncha tested his headset with Skype as a proof of concept for avoiding all the crap in lobby system so it looks like we’ll be using that in future. And off to BFBC2 we went.

We decided that the try hard pants were going on, they were being pulled up so high even Simon Cowell would wince at the thought and we would not be beat. They say that attitude is everything, and when you go with a high waist band attitude like that the opposition is going to have it tough…. and they did.

Donncha, Mike and I were joined by OggaB0gga, a new addition to my friend list and a beast of a player (but get a mic!). He was at the top of the score board for many a round until he had to leave. Because I have notifications off I missed his message until much later, but it was good having him on the team. His spot was filled by TyeWebb and so the Quadruplet of Pain was in da house!

I forget exactly what maps we played, but we won every round we played with Donncha on the squad, and when he called it a night, Sulley joined. The winning continued up until we hit Nelson Bay….. We were defending, but for some reasons the attackers pretty much all quit! So it turned in to a duck shoot with a player called Marcelloooo(?) being the only person left on the attackers. Kudos for not quitting, but not something that I’d recommend. In the end we quit out because some of our team decided to C4 our own MComs.

The final match of the night was Arica Harbour. We were on attack and the defenders almost stopped us at the first base. It was a really hard match as the defenders seemed to be more organised than the rest of our team. I took out Alpha with the tank (yup, cheap) and I think Bravo was finally destroyed with only a couple of tickets left through the use of a rocket (not by me). Bases 2 and 3 were relatively easy in comparison, Base 4 was a little troublesome but the final base…..

I don’t know how many times I have to say this but: the clue is in the name. The gametype is: RUSH! Not sit around with your thumb up your arse. I’m fairly sure that the only squad that actually armed ANY of the final MComs was our squad – I know Mike definitely got a number of arms on there, so did I, and Sulley and Tye provided support if they didn’t actually get to arm. One thing’s for sure though – we didn’t see any friendlies anywhere near the MComs which meant that we were toast. Should have run smoke in hindsight.

So, we lost that one – I may post that final base to show what happens when your team doesn’t go for the objective. Especially as the defenders were pushing really far in to our spawn.

Over all it was a very positive night of gaming and the best set of games I’ve had in quite a long time. So thanks everyone who made it that way (excepting the obnoxious retards in W@W).

I’ll hopefully have a highlight clip video up later today showing some of the more eventful incidents in the game.

Peace out, homies.

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7 thoughts on “Game Results 05-09-2010

  1. Good summary, especially of the WAW idiots. Hope the skype thing works out.

    Mike didn’t actually join us until about 11.50, just when I logged off. Remember Smokewiid was playing with us in BC2? He’s a fellow redditor on my friends list. I could barely hear him but it’s better than other evenings when he was completely silent!

    Really looking forward to the clips. We played a blinder defending on White Pass and Laguna Presa!

  2. “From my experience so far of World at War there are three types of player on there, The Silent, The Obnoxious, and, The Retarded.”

    This might be the truest line of prose ever written with respect to online gaming and resulted in a ROFLCOPTER when I read it.

    That Arcia Harbor match was the problem with Rush in a nutshell. I went back and looked at my video of the match and it looks like at about 35-40 tickets everyone else on our team just completely stopped rushing. From that point on there were never any blue triangles anywhere near the MCOMs. There was a nice little batch of them back in the right corner of our base on a hill.

    I managed to get one arm in that game but in retrospect I think we still could have won if maybe we had been more patient with our arms. I know when I armed I went in all Rambo style and didn’t wait for any back up. Oh well live and learn, we still got quite a few wins.

  3. i was not late you were early. i played BLUR with shannow and ramdamnation (ramadán) i had good laugh with them. GTA4 L8R???

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