Amstrad Action Magazine – insert nostalgia here

When I were a kid, and all this were fields, after a long day working down t’ pit shovelling coal twenty six hours a day for thruppence and clip round the ear I’d take time out to read Amstrad Action magazine. This would be odd if I was a Spectrum, Commodore 64, or even an Amiga owner… but no, I was an Arnold Fiend. Bought for me for Christmas from Debenhams.

I was expecting the monochrome (green screen) version, but Santa was extra nice that year and the colour version was stuffed down the chimney instead. We had a gas fire too, so it was an extra achievement getting it through the flue in one piece.

Amstrad Action opened up a plethora of information for me. Before the internet you had get information on games tips, strategies and cheats (oh, come on – the games back then were designed with impossibility in mind!) from only a couple of sources – the publisher, magazines, or word of mouth. Unfortunately for me I was the only Amstrad owner in my school (I was special like that…. no, I was special, not the school) so word of mouth didn’t really work out when everyone else was on Spectrums. Although, due to lazy programming I got to experience games as if they were on the Spectrum as most developers just ported from that format to the others (so nothing’s really changed twenty five years later).

Anyhoo – memory lane revisited this afternoon when Donncha pinged me this article:

Amstrad Action: History in the Making

So thanks Donncha,, and of course….. Future Publishing and the Amstrad Action people.

Cover tapes FTW!

Peas and loaves.

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