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The hunt is on, again, for a new Machinima Premier Director now that SeaNanners (Adam) is a bona fide, honest to goodness, straight up employee of Machinima. Much in the same way that a Premier Directorship came up when Hutch was lured into full time employment at the House of Fun.

The Premier Director is selected from the list of existing Machinima Directors so it could be ANYONE!….

No it can’t be. And no it won’t be. Sorry to shatter anyone’s illusions here. Last time around I correctly predicted who would be chosen based on the workings of democracy. It’s a very simple equation to work from – the person with the most votes wins. That time around it was Tejb. Tejb had at least 50,000 more subscribers than anyone else in the running which meant that even if only half of his subscribers were active and weren’t porn bots, multiple accounts, or inactive then he’d win. And win he did – surprise surprise <_<

Anyone with a YouTube account and more than a hundred subs can work out for themselves that for the most part only 10% of the subscribers are 'hardcore' (meaning they watch, rate and mostly comment on EVERY video put out), about another 25% or so will view and thumb, and the rest will sporadically watch and/or participate. That's not counting the 10% of subscribers whose tally of subscriptions is in excess of 150 YouTube channels which means to me that they could care less what you do and are even less likely to watch any content you put out anyway.

By my reckoning most 'YouTubers' have between 20% and 35% of their total subscribers who actively participate in the channel. I could be full of da poop, but these figures are based off interaction on my channel and from looking at the number of thumbs and comments on other peoples channels so I've not just pulled the information out of my ass. However, if you have more reliable numbers then please let me know, because I love stuff like that.

Anyhoo, back to the point. SeaNanners announced the drive for a new Premier Director in his most recent video:

Now, here's where I got interested. Adam says it's not going to be "a popularity contest". But it is. It can't be anything but a popularity contest. The last "election" was a popularity contest, and any time you invoke the power of democracy it will ALWAYS be a popularity contest.

Here's how Adam has attempted to throw a spanner in the democratic works. There will be three current Machinima Directors chosen to duke it out for the mantle of Premiership. Two of them will be decided by being….. *ahem* most popular in terms of likes and comments. And the third will be a Wildcard chosen by the BananaMan himself.

That's a great idea, but it's not going to change the fact that if the outcome is being decided by the community liking, voting and commenting on the three finalists then the finalist WITH THE MOST ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS will be the winner. It doesn't matter if SeaNanners plucks Jesus Christ himself (not Obviously Jesus) from the list of Machinima Directors, if his active subscriber count is not in excess of #1 or #2's active subscriber count then he hasn't got a hope in hell (and unless SeaNanners chooses THE most popular person on Machinima at the moment then he might as well not waste his time).

Sure the extra publicity will net the Wildcard some new subscribers, but that's it. Democracy is a popularity contest, asking the community to vote is a popularity contest, and putting a wildcard in there will NOT change the outcome. Unless they decide to use another voting system such as proportional representation….. but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

By the way, does anyone know who the most popular people on Machinima are right now? I unsubbed from Machinima a while back so have no idea who's who and what's what on there any more.

That is all.

Peas and loaves.

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13 thoughts on “Machinima Premier Director…

    • Of all the people on Machinima that I’m aware of I’d “vote” for DrDisrespect. I know that many people don’t like his style, but in terms of thought and production value being put in to the videos then he definitely top of the tree.

      It takes very little effort to do what the majority of the others do: play a game, talk over game, render and upload.

      • That’s the issue – this vote won’t be decided by who has the best or most innovative content, it’ll be decided by who has the most subscribers.

        Mr Nanners is kidding himself if he thinks it’ll be anything other than a popularity contest.

      • I know what you’re talking about.

        Also, the banana man does chuckle a lot, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was kidding himself. He probably tickles himself, too. 😛

  1. I have no idea who’s who on Machinima. I’ve been seeing dual comms with MurkahDurkah lately, so he’s either a new director for Machinima or he will be.
    I see you and Duck are playing GTA4. Should we be expecting more car chase footage?

    • I think he is Machinima. He got his break by doing a dual commentary with Woody when he started the $50 club (for charity).

      As for GTA4, we tried to get in a game together, but the multiplayer invite system sucks. There may be more GTA4 in the future from me, or him, or both of us. But not from tonight. In fact I had one race on Blur and then called it a night due to connection issues.

  2. I don’t really follow Machinima at all anymore, but my wild guess is that OnlyUseMeBlade will be the winner. I think he has the most subs of the non-premier directors. I think he came in 2nd last time as well, at the very least he is the likely early favorite.

    • Serious lolz, you know I’m pretty sure WoR is blocked by Seananners as well, so potential double lolz.

      I agree with your take on Dr. Disrespect, he’s one of the more original people when it comes to the content he puts up.

      • I’m fairly sure that WoR is blocked. I remember a dual commentary he did with someone months ago and he appealed via that to SeaNanners to unblock him.

        However, after that I also heard that SeaNanners has no intention of interacting with WoR (but that, again, was months ago).

        I think that SeaNanners operates on a similar ‘no douche’ policy as I do. I block people from my channel if they’re being unnecessary douchebags on other peoples videos – and that’s probably what’s happened to fizzlepuffs.

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