First Vid to Hit 1,000 Views

My “Using Tracer Darts” in Battle Field Bad Company 2 video has just hit 1,000 views. This is quite a milestone for me as it is the first “proper” video that I’ve put up that has reached that number of views.

Shoop da woop

The best thing about the vid as far as I’m concerned is my total incompetence with the tracer dart on Isla Inocentes – but at least it gives hope to all those other players out there who are not “beast”.

I don’t think I’ve used tracer darts since I recorded that footage. In most cases I end up using my sidearm against an enemy and turning them into a mobile disco (as amusing as it is) is not quite as effective as Graching them in the face. I’m better at old school rocketing and leave the tracering to those much better than I am (which is pretty much everyone).

I wonder if I’ll ever get a vid with views that are OVER NINE THOUSAND!?

Peas and loaves.

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