Game Results 18-09-2010

Had an interesting night of BFBC2 last night. I initially went on on my own in to SDM where I joined three other silent randoms on Arica Harbour. Essentially I was just having a cock about as I’d been drinking some wine and just looking to shoot some people in the face but didn’t fancy going in to Rush on my own.

After a while a familiar name slotted me from one of the other squads – mj_whittle…. damn you! At the end of the round I created a squad and we decided to have a go at some rush, so I selected Arica Harbour but we were both surprised when it put is on Squad Rush on Laguna Presa. Okay, so maybe I’d had too much wine and selected the wrong game type, I could accept that as being possible, but not that I’d mess up on the map as well! I think it must have been a glitch as I wouldn’t screw it up as bad as that!

But we decided to stick with the Squad Rush anyway, at least for a couple of rounds. Wow, it was easy mode. We were joined by batmanjokergorden, suffywuffy, and then getcrackin to make up the rest of our squad at various times during the game. I think that many people who play Squad Rush are there to massage their stats, either that or they don’t know what the point of the game mode is.

We had one wookiee who kept on mortaring the MComs, even though that has no effect on it. And all but one squad we came up against didn’t give us any issues. The toughest round we had was defending on Atacama Desert as the MCom can be armed from below it. In the end we were just having a muck about since the opposing squad wasn’t really interested in attacking or defending the objective for the most part.

I even got a couple of C4 trap kills, the first being on Valparaiso. The other squad were flanking on the road side rather than the water side and kept appearing at the same corner. So I planted two sticks of C4 and waited. Eventually Mike had to go and lure the enemy up by hopping round the corner and then backing away. We knew there was at least one guy there as the rest of the squad had seen them go that way, so we weren’t disappointed. Suffywuffy spotted the guy who happened to be a wookiee and before he knew what had happened both Mike and I were teabagging his corpse. Yes, we are that classy.

There was another C4 kill on Laguna Alta when we were taking Bravo station.

After a while we decided to ditch Squad Rush as there wasn’t really much of a challenge so we went to Rush, properly this time. SuffyWuffy missed the squad invite and his place was taken by Sulley19. One thing we noticed was that the level of competition was not what it usually was, with less people seeming to be online too. I don’t know if they’d all gone to play Halo or what, but there was no C4ing of MComs (except for one idiot who managed to blow himself up but not damage the Mcom).

In between games getcracking disappeared…. and majorlynch took his slot. He then reappeared on another squad, and later…. on the other team. What happened there then? Or were you trying to give the other side a fighting chance?

We didn’t lose a single game on attack or defence, including Whitepass and Arica Harbour (no repeat of my rant video). The people on our side all seemed to be focused on the objective and that was awesome.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Game Results 18-09-2010

  1. Yeah. I’ve been waiting to tell you what happened. While trying to defend one of our armed mcoms on Whitepass, my PS3 froze. So, I had to turn the system off, at which point it apologized with a couple of pitiful beeps before shutting down. When I was finally up and running on BfBC2 again, I tried to join your squad, but it wouldn’t match me up with ANY squad. I was on your side up until I wasn’t -though working alone and having to spawn back at the start every time 😦 I had a good go in the tank at one point, working with someone I couldn’t communicate with -when we were defending on some hilly jungle map (can’t think of the name). For whatever reason, the next game had me on the other side and, apparently, defending against you beasts (referring to looks, of course) with two other people whom I never saw the entire time I was defending at the last stand. You just ran over us and I was alllllll aloonnne (pity pity pity)lol. I did enjoy the fact that I gave you guys some trouble, though very little. I believe I blew your tank up with you inside it 😀

    • Oops, meant to reply to this ages ago! Anyhoo – yes, well done with the blowing up of the tank. And I always prefer to stay in the tank until the bitter end to prevent the enemy getting them.

      Also, got your message on YouTube – new blog post will be explaining all.

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