What do you mean: where have I been?

So…. it’s been a while. But I have a really good excuse. But before that let’s look at what’s been going on…

Hupit: I’m still looking after the articles side of things there, but I’m no longer moderating the forums.

YouTube: (quick check….) 935 subscribers, including two that seem to only be subscribed in order to thumb my vids down despite my video showing what I think of the video ratings. But I suppose that shows the level of mental retardation that you can expect on YouTube. Until someone comes up with an arsehole filter we’re all shit out of luck. I do actively block problem people from my channel, although I don’t consider people who thumb my vids down ‘problems’ if they have the balls to post why they thumb it down. At least then I would have some feedback, and maybe some pointers to consider – but when there’s thumbs down on videos that have no negative messages then it smacks of something more personal. But I have no idea if it’s BFBC2 they don’t like, or me. Either way: man (or woman) up, and say what the problem is! goddamned pussies…

Gaming: As Donncha emailed earlier, it’s been nine days since the PS3 has been switched on – so there is nothing to report there. That’s also the reason why there’s been no new videos. No gaming = no footage = no vids. I could go through some old footage, but my machine is just poo which makes editing a real chore right now. Which is why I’ve now ordered a new machine….

A new machine: A New Machine!? Yes, but not a ready built jobby. I’ve spent ages looking at what’s about and decided that honestly, buying pre-built is a shocking waste of cash. For the same money I can build a PC that is twice and sometimes three times as powerful as a stock machine. Seriously, if you’ve got thumbs and can do colouring by numbers then you should build your own PCs. So here’s the guts that should be arriving next week (the case is out of stock):

AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2GHz (I was looking at the tri-core but decided it was overkill for my current needs)
Gigabyte AM3 760G+ SB710 Mobo
4gig RAM (thanks for the tip Mike)
500gig 7200rpm HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium

It’s nothing super fancy, but it’ll be a damned sight more powerful than this laptop and should enable me to enter a whole new level of editing….muahahahaahahhahahahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *ahem* It’ll do everything I need it to and probably more.

So on to the reason, or excuse if you prefer. I’m currently on a course until about mid-November. Although it’s not outside of the scope of anything I’ve done before it is more intensive and requires quite a lot of my time. I’ve not had the time to spend on gaming due to extra research that I’ve been doing, and in general it’s been more tiring. Thank you to those (Nick) who’ve messaged me asking if I’m still alive. I am still alive, just that there’s not currently enough hours in the day.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

16 thoughts on “What do you mean: where have I been?

    • Yup, went for the 64-bit on your recommendation. As I’m out of the loop on what does what now I’m not 100% on what it means, but the processor is 64-bit, OS is 64-bit, and the mobo can take up to 16gig of RAM. But whatever happens, it’s going to be better than this machine.

  1. Beast of a machine, but then I stopped following the PC upgrade cycle many years ago. I can’t even remember what speed my laptops run at these days, something that would have shocked me years ago.

    If you’re adventurous you could try Ubuntu Linux on there. There are a few Linux video apps out there, but chances are they’re not as mature/featureful as the software you currently use ..

    • I have previously dabbled in Linux but there’s always been one critical program or other that prevents me from using it exclusively. I did dual boot for a while, but when hard drive space became scarce Linux had to go.

      I’d love to use open source exclusively but it’s just not currently possible for me.

  2. hey not trying to be nosey or anything but how much was it as i am too looking for A desktop or laptop as my laptp now is crashing every 3 hours, chrome is broken on it so i hve to use IE.

  3. Hupit: I watch the YT vids, but haven’t participated on their website.

    YouTube: Try not to take the trolling thumbs too seriously. There’s always some immature idiots that either feel slighted in some way or are simply spiteful asses. In some small measure, you could see their presence as a sign of moderate success since they still bother to show up to the party -whether they’re welcome or not.

    Gaming: That’s 11 days, as of right now. no gaming = no footage = no vids = a saaad panda (South Park)

    A new machine: I recognized “Windows 7”. I may have opposable thumbs, but they’re stuck in a Chinese finger trap when it comes to computer knowledge. My dad, however, built a Sun Systems PC about seven years ago. As I recall, he considered it to be more of a headache than it was worth -but, then, he wasn’t using it to do fun stuff.

    (the reason): As your self-proclaimed nanny, I think you’ve been spending far too much time with that awful cabana boy and that you should think about drinking something that doesn’t include a tiny parasol.
    In all seriousness though, no worries as far as the gaming absence goes -the panda will manage (okay, so not in ALL seriousness). Anyway, life comes first.
    As for the course, are you working on a degree?

  4. YouTube: I should add that I have, of course, seen the vid that you posted regarding your view of thumbs, but it obviously got to you in some respect since that vid even exists. I know that it’s not the thumbs that bother you, but, more likely, the idea that someone thinks they’re getting to you that bugs you -as it would me. My suggestion is to completely ignore the would-be party crashers. If you do that, they might start making comments to get attention and then you’ll know who to block.

  5. Well good buddy that sounds like a mighty fine PC your gonna have there. I would have picked the Intel over the AMD processor. And don’t get me wrong I a big gay lover of AMD but the Intel chips are built more for the likes of editing and genral number crunching. AMD build chips with gaming in mind so they work better that way. This is all knowledge I got when I was building the peice o’ crap PC I have now (6 years old). Anyways looking forward to a bright editing future from you. A new laptop is on the cards for me. So it doubles as the thing I record on and render on. Saves moving gameplays around storage devices.

    • Cheers pal. I considered making it an intel machine, but every other PC I’ve built has been AMD based so I reverted to type. I’m more comfortable with the AMD stuff, and they’ve historically been better for overclocking and the like (don’t know if that’s still the case – been out of the loop for a while on PC building).

  6. Hi mate

    Thought I’d leave it a while before posting. Hope you are studying hard for your course (yeah tell me about it..I know) and hope to see you back in the fold soon with more great vids!!!!

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