Game Results, and in other news….

Went online last night for a couple of hours. Didn’t think it was going to happen but eventually got on at about 11pm. Since I’ve not been on for ages and a lot of people are playing Black Ops right now I thought I’d ease myself back in with a game of BF:1943. BF:1943 had other ideas though when it gave me a “Game not available” message when trying to join. This seems to the situation at the moment as the last time I tried having a game (over a month ago) I got the same message….. Is this just me?

Anyhoo, while looking for Blur I pulled BFBC2 out of the MiniNinjas case and decided that because I was too damned lazy to look further I’d just play that instead. There weren’t many people on so I decided to go for a solo effort and started off on SDM. At the moment it seems that the players are either really great or really bad, and I was put in a bad squad. I know that I’m no hero on these games, but we got a proper hammering so I changed to Rush and joined a squad with two German guys.

They were good, and actually playing for the objective. Although they were talking to each other (in German) I remained the silent party even though they would briefly speak in English when yelling heroic slogans such as “I’ve got you covered, my brother” and “I’m John Rambo!” which was quite amusing.

Unfortunately the eternal problem of apathetic defending is still rife and despite the three of us trying our best we just couldn’t be everywhere – especially when there’s C4 on the UAV. Things changed on the attack and my German comrades were surprised when I appeared out of nowhere smoked shit up and armed everything in sight. Who’s John Rambo now!?

They were good guys and we had some good games but when everyone disappeared from the defenders team at the last base (to save a loss on their stats?) they also called it a night on the next map. As this left me and….. *looks around* oh, just me to defend, I made like a socialist and left.

I’ve downloaded some demos from PSN and there’s one that I think is going to be the next vid on the channel. Completely different from the usual BFBC2 so should be interesting.

And in other news……

Keep frosty people:

Soooo I keep on saying ‘you reap what you sow’ and the like and I stand by it. Sure, nice things do not always happen to nice people and I know plenty of nice people who have been royally crapped on by the universe, but it goes to show that if you throw shit around some of it is going to come right back at you.

Personally I think all this nonsense went too far a long time ago, but it goes to show that some people don’t know where the line is, or when to rise above it all and walk away. Ah, cyclical revenge. How I despise thee.

So play nice!

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Game Results, and in other news….

    • It was the only thing I could come up with – it was either that or “made like a tree and….. leaved (bah that doesn’t even make any sense!)”.

      Bring biscuits if you ever pop around, it’s the only way my guard baboons can tell friend from foe.

      • I figured you were somehow linking having played with Germans to a comment on the post-WW2 happenings in Berlin (or Germany, in general). Gave you too much credit, I guess :p lol
        “Made like a tree and…” makes me think of Biff from Back To The Future.
        Will Animal Crackers suffice for your baboons? If they don’t like ’em, then I’ll just have to make like a tree and get outta there. 😛

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