BFBC2 Patch 1.05

The king is dead! Long live the king!

Downloaded and installed the patch earlier for BFBC2, had a game of SDM on Arica Harbour then some rush where I was joined be TyeWebb. So far the patch seems to have invigorated the game a bit (although I’m still seeing level 50s firing RPGs at the Mcoms…*ahem*getalife*ahem*). People having to arm the crates? Oh my!

But that’s not the real point of this post. In the pursuit of Ogga Ugness DICE have now made a super soldier. The assault wookiee. Motion mines, explosives and an AN-94 G3 with acog or red dot sight. Thankfully I can sit here smug as a smug thing drinking a big cup of steaming smugness because I can prove that I haven’t just picked up the G3 as a replacement for the now nerfed AN-94. I’ve got many vids on my channel of me running about using that gun before the patch.

So I’ve mainly been using the F2000 and AUG today for no apparent reason while a lot of other people have been picking up the G3. Well, get on the bus people – the G3 is sooooo Summer 2010. To be cool now you have to use that little attachment that helps get stones out of horses hooves you get on a Swiss Army knife. Everything else is just for noobs.

The good news is that despite the Ugga Ogdom the games are more competitive, and more like they were when I first started playing in the spring. Yes, that means that the MCom sits there screaming for help while surrounded by blue dots – which is great: more points for me, both on offence and defence.

I’m not bothered about the weapon tweaks. The try hard kids will ALWAYS use the most powerful weapon available to them, but their easy victories have been placed slightly out of reach now that C4 isn’t as useful against the crates. You’ll always see the whoring of weapons, but the aim of the game (Rush) is not about the kills (to a certain extent) it’s about getting in and getting the job done.

Thank you DICE for putting some enjoyment back in the game…. now about that Map Pack (with actual maps in!)….

Peas and loaves.

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