Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Ah Space Invaders, I have a love/hate relationship with Space Invaders (or ‘Invaders From Space’ as some unscrupulous business operators called their knock off machines in an attempt to avoid paying royalties all those years ago). Space Invaders, and the machine operator, loved my 10p pieces, and I hated the game. Not at the time, but in retrospect I hated it.

It was never ending (like Nazi Zombies) and a little unnerving, especially when you got to the last little sod who wouldn’t die and then he’d munch your space ship with alien glee. There really wasn’t any point to it other than to get the high score which was par for the course of many games of that era.

Well those clever people have taken the original Space Invaders, done some market research and created a new version that will not only unnerve small children but also invoke seizures in their photosensitive epileptic guardians. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have Space Invaders Infinity Gene – no 10p pieces required:

And a review of it at IGN here

Not to be sniffed at – definitely a worthy diversion from having to use EVERY button on the controller.

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “Space Invaders Infinity Gene

  1. OMG I’m sooo gonna show my age. Like you I remember this so well (I even had a small hand held space invaders game – boy was that cool) and who can forget the awesome game of Asteroids.

    To answer your questions the first game I completed was ‘Hunchback’ on the…….wait for it….. ZX Spectrum but my game was Galaxian.

    I did a post on the updated version that I have on xbox here

    Now that is one hell of an improvement 😉

    Great post b.t.w. – ahhhh memories

  2. I don’t think Ireland had arcades in the early 80s. The country was in the grip of a recession (oh lookie, how things go around in circles!) and we were lucky to get a piece of coal fro Christmas! Houses you say? We had cardboard boxes and were glad of them!

    Err yeah. My first arcade I remember playing was that old Kung Fu one in a pub somewhere in the West of Ireland while on holiday.

    Actually, while on the subject of Galaxion and retro shooters, I entered a computer competition in school when I was about 18 years younger than I am now.
    The aim of the competition was to modify an existing programme, make it better and convert it to Irish. I chose an archaic looking Galaxians clone and you can find it here, but you’ll need a C64 emulator. I added music, high scores and an an intro of a spaceship taking off from the moon and dropping little dots aliens on our planet. I won. 🙂

    Maybe I’ll post a commentary of it. That’ll be popular, I’m sure.

  3. There was a Kung Fu machine in the Chinese takeaway around the corner from where I used to live for years. Not surprisingly, after a while the “waggle joystick to break free” stopped working so you had to rely on flying kicks instead.

    Definitely do something with your Galaxians mod – show these young whipper snappers they didn’t invent gaming!

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