BFBC2 Post Patch Crate Bashing

Initially after the patch it seemed that crate bashing was on the wane. However within a couple of hours either I became the unluckiest person on the planet who just happened to end up in game after game with crate bashers, or the patch has only made crate bashing take longer.

The thing that pisses me off the most is when the bashers are on the same team as me. I spend my time clearing the area, getting the plant and then some numbnut comes along and C4s it meaning I get only +50! If the MCOM is armed then the C4 should get no points at all in my opinion.

While putting my clips together from the games last night it became very obvious that the amount of crate bashing had not been reduced by the patch – in fact, it seemed as though it had actually increased. I tweeted my feelings to Demize99 and zh1nt0 at DICE my findings….. According to Demize99 everyone else thinks it’s improved:

Demize99 apparently thinks everything is peachy, and maybe it is just me….. but if you are seeing similar levels of crate bashing then leave a comment, or send a message to @Demize99 and/or @zh1nt0.

As has been said for months – the solution to this is to allow engineers to repair the MCOMS…… but what would we know?

One thought on “BFBC2 Post Patch Crate Bashing

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