BFBC2 C4ing Affected by the Patch!

It’s official, Demize99 said that everyone (apart from me) was happy that the patch had made improvements to the amount of C4ing of MComs in BFBC2. Although I haven’t played Rush since the game posted in my previous video the comments on YouTube would seem to indicate that my experience was not an isolated incident.

However, it’s obvious that it now just takes the crate bashers longer to achieve their objective as has been reported that it now takes either two bombing runs…. or two bashers working together (which is now made really easy since the M14 Mod and G3 can have optical sights now).

The most amusing thing I’ve read (since Demize99’s response to me) was this:


….. thumbs up for declaring where they stand. But the post (if real) surely betrays the intelligence of crate bashers. I guess when the 1.5gig update was downloading he was occupied with other pursuits, or wondering why the game was taking so long to load….

Peas and loaves.

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