Goodbye Mr Cheap Kills

And Hello! to ‘TheCheapKills‘!

I received an email this morning from YouTube/Google informing that a video had been removed for infringing copyright and how naughty I was as this was my second strike:

Dear MrCheapkills,

We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from LoveCat Music, claiming that this material is infringing:

(MUSIC) BFBC2 Empty Server Shenanigans

This is the second copyright sanction against your account. A single additional claim against your account will result in the termination of your account. To avoid this, delete any videos to which you do not own the rights and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe the copyrights of others. For more information about YouTube’s copyright policy, please read the Copyright Tips guide.

If one of your postings has been misidentified as infringing, you may submit a counter-notification. Information about this process is in our Help Centre.

Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material was disabled due to mistake or misidentification may be liable for damages.

Yours sincerely,

– The YouTube Team
© 2010 YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Uh-oh, just noticed the copyright notice at the bottom of the email…. maybe I’ll have to face a firing squad if they find out.

My second strike….. well regular readers might remember back to March(?) when I got a strike which I posted about when I thought I was taking part in a legitimate viral advertising campaign for a Robert Rodriguez film – Twentieth Century Fox thought otherwise. But on top of that YouTube IGNORED subsequent emails about the issue so I just decided to take the hit and let it go.

This meant that there were certain things I could not do on my account such as put videos as ‘unlisted’. Not a major issue, but a little niggle as it meant that I couldn’t do any exclusives for you guys. But there we are, I was building the channel and had to live with “my” mistake.

Now then, the video that has been removed (and I’ve already contacted YouTube about it) should not have been removed. Fair enough strip the audio if LoveCat Music have issue – after all they ARE the copyright holders of the MUSIC but not of the video itself. So where’s my video?

And what was the music? It was this (and I’m using another copyright infringer’s video to illustrate how inconsistent copyright enforcement is):

I fully admit that I used copyrighted material in my vids. However, they should really be covered by fair use in most cases (not necessarily in this case, but in general). This was always going to be a risk, and it is not unexpected so I’m not particularly bothered about it. I’ll be archiving a couple of vids (Geoff’s and MrDazzyBee69 in particular) but all the rest will either just sit there ad infinitum, or get terminated with the channel when someone else decides to be grumpy.

So that’s that. MrCheapKills will no longer be updated. I’ll post a bulletin on there a couple of times over the next couple of weeks, but there will be no new videos on that channel. For all things cheap and teabaggy then you should now visit: The new channel will be copyright infringement free (mostly).

Thanks everyone for your support, contributions and general e-hugs and I look forward to seeing you all on the new channel.

New channel:


Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr Cheap Kills

  1. Well crap. I think I was in that empty server shenanigans video. I guess my existence in the cultural wasteland that is YouTube has been lost…

    Long live thecheapkills

  2. I had that Empty Server Shenanigans vid featured on my channel for months! I liked the way you synced up the hopping, C4ing, shooting and whatnot to the beat. Well, that’s just great :/

    At least, subscriber numbers don’t matter to you. You’ll probably get a good chunk following since the BFBC2 folk tend to be a tight-knit group.

    Way to end the final goodbye vid -with copyrighted lyrics 🙂 Hopefully, the Hitchhiker’s Guide people will have a sense of humor about it or else *gasp* they might shut the channel down. lol

    • Ah yes, it took ages working out how to get the sync to work properly as it was on my old machine which was notoriously crappy!

      As for rules – I’m a believer in the old saying “Laws are for the guidance of wise men, and for the adherence of fools.” Generally, if you’re not (or not likely to) hurt someone or cause damage then you’re not breaking the law. But on the flipside you have to be able to take responsibility for your actions. YouTube think I’m a master criminal, who am I to argue?

  3. You seem to have taken it quite well. I mean you’ve built that channel up and nw have to lose it.

    When I use music I always check to see if it’s on youtube already and if it is I use it and it sucks that you’ve been done when other obviously haven’t.

    Good luck with the new channel, I’m sure you’ll make it a success and it will be bigger and better 😉

    • It was going to happen sooner or later because I have been taking the piss a bit. Plus you’ve got Fergal Sodding Sharkey and his merry band of fools on the warpath every other week (hmmm, how prophetic “a good heart is hard to find” turned out to be).

      I was more pissed off with the first copyright strike as I still feel that was really unjustified and unfair, especially since YouTube haven’t bothered their arses in answering any of my queries about it. But you know – their house, their rules!

      I’ll be posting a reply to your reply on your blog tomorrow about what’s safe and what’s not to put up.

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