Thanks Peeps (mini update)

It’s only been about 24 hours since I created theCheapKills channel and almost 200 of you have subscribed. That’s brilliant. I knew that some of you would come along – you know, you know who your friends are. So the people I game with, those who get involved here, and the guys who get involved on the YouTube side of things. But as for general subscribers most uploaders don’t know who’s subscribed and then never visited again from those who are regular viewers unless they post comments.

So I was surprised to see a load of names subscribing to the new channel who I’d seen subscribe to the old one…. but never heard from other than that. Obviously everyone is welcome on the channel, but please don’t be shy about posting comments, either on the vids, or on the profile page (and some of the comments already on there have had me in stitches).

I can’t remember what Category on YouTube I put the last channel on, but since most people find my vids humorous I opted for ‘Comedians’ on this one. JayeKaiser was interested to see what the “most subscribed” thing would be like on the channel. Well, not sure about most subscribed, but I did hit #69 in Most Viewed (Today) – Comedians

Sixty-nine dude!

Made me chuckle.

Thanks everyone.

New channel:


Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

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