Live By The Teabag… Die By The Teabag

Got online tonight and joined DrunkinDunkin on Harvest Day Conquest. It was the first time I’d played any of the new maps so it was pretty cool. My virtual soldier is now super fit after all the distance running while I attempted to find out where I should be going…. or what direction I should be running in.

Donncha and Duck joined later and we stayed in Conquest mode which was unusual as it’s not a mode that we normally play very much due to the propensity for spawn trapping (which we did our fair share of…hmm maybe a little vid of that at some point too). BigMooney joined the fun and although we sent invites back and forth he eventually ended up on the opposite team.

That was not so good, but it made for some really close games – the first game on Port Valdez ended at about 6 tickets left for us and the second game when right down to the last man standing with Paul’s (BigMooney) team just pipping us to the win.

But anyway, the main point of this post was to share this:

It was good fun, tough, but good fun.

Thanks everyone.

New channel:


Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Live By The Teabag… Die By The Teabag

  1. I didn’t enjoy those games. Playing against Bigmooney and his pals was like me being offered as a lamb to the slaughter. I went 19-29. The guy is very good.

    I hope the guys from ps3coffindodgers who joined our team did better!

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