Mission Accomplished…

Since I’ve been playing BFBC2 I’ve picked up a number of pins and accomplishments. Some were through pure luck, others through supreme gaming prowess dogged persistence and planning. When I got the bronze weapons star I’d sort of given up on achievement hunting as it had been a long and painful process. Using some really stinking weapons in order to get 25 kills with each was a frustrating thing for me to do.

Recently I’d decided that I really wanted to get the ‘Wheels of Hazard’ pin. You get this by completing three road kills in any one match. Sounds simple, except that road kills are quite a random affair with lag and rubbish hit detection. It is especially frustrating when an enemy passes right through your vehicle without a scratch – oh sure, you’ve got hit them with the wheels but lets be realistic here: people don’t pass through vehicles, they bounce off, under or over them – sometimes body parts fall off too. Worse still is the invulnerability that holding an RPG gives a player (but not the driver of the vehicle).

So I put a call out to the community for help in getting road kills (featured in the last blog post):

I received many pieces of good advice. Mostly, use a jeep or a tank. And so last night, on Rush, Harvest Day with Donncha, Nick and I think Sulley or maybe BydoEmpire at that time, I got the three road kills using the CAV jeep thing.

Prior to that I also finally got the Naval Warfare pin by using Mike’s tactic of sniping from a jetski on Isla Inocentes. There were some very angry engineers on that level I can tell you. We lost in the end as the defense was just too strong – and for some reason, despite it telling me that I’ve been doing rubbish in game, it’s been matching me up against level 50s!? I armed Alpha a couple of times, but to no avail.

So my next mission is to get the ‘Mission Accomplished’ pin which involves getting an M60 kill, an RPG-7 kill and a knife kill in one round. Should be fairly straight forward, although it does mean that I’ll have to run the M60…..

Oh, and I got some gold dog tags last night too – whoopee!

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

6 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished…

  1. Playing bfbc2 on the PC the problem is that i cannot find servers where people loiter in open spaces long enough to get overrun by me. Or maybe i’m just a bad driver. 1 road kill per round is what i could do so far, but i promise i will waste an evening driving around hunting for those three kills.

    btw: when i completed the bronze star for all weapons i dicovered that slug thingamajig because i got so frustrated with the shotgun. I kinda like it now. What’s your opinion on sabot rounds? or don’t ya got it on ps2?

  2. Got it, 2!
    Driving around like crazy in Atacama Desert I somehow managed to road kill three guys (or ladies) and got that strange wheels of hazard pin. Thanks for your motivation, David!

    • I much prefer to use slugs and magnum ammo when running the shotgun so that I have a chance against the acog scoped AN-94 players. Although DICE have now added bullet drop, it’s not very severe so not much of a hindrance.

      Glad I provided some motivation for you to get the roadkill pin. The best map for roadkills is definitely Harvest Day – I’ll be putting up a vid from a game I had last night where I got the Wheels of Hazard and Carwarfare pin three times in the same round on Conquest 😀

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