Top of the Pops

//Top of the Pops Chart Countdown music//

Okay Pop Pickers…

Up 558 places from 792 to 234 this week on YouTube is Bubbles with Bidibodi Bidibu…. and by “up” I mean how many videos have been removed.

And here’s the guys thanking their fans for helping them get their music known….. via uploading to YouTube:

I particularly like the bit at 0:13 where it encourages YouTubers to “Post your new videos of “Bidibodi Bidibu” on YouTube”!

Will it be a Christmas number 1?

Peas and loaves.

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13 thoughts on “Top of the Pops

  1. Well isn’t that awesome, so they want the song on youtube but they don’t really want the song on youtube, yeah that makes a whole lot of sense. The argument that videos are hurting the songs sales just lost all credibility if they even allow one video on youtube with the song. If its up there in even one video that’s the same as it being there in 100 videos. Good job music industry you continue to not get it.

    • Well this is why I will never help out any “artist” or company by putting their stuff on my channels in future. First there was Robert Rodriguez/20th Century Fox, now Bubbles/LoveCat Music.

    • The video is a bit old, but it’s still up and still encouraging the use of the song. It was also on e of the reasons I used the song in the first place as I thought that Bubbles were “progressive”… but obviously not.

    • If you make a home video of a party with music playing on the radio, do you ask permission from the musicians that you heard before playing the video for friends who missed the party?

    • Well here’s the thing Sarah, you are right. But on the two occasions now I’ve been hit with a copyright strike after having what I took to be explicit permission from the copyright holder/artist to use their material – only for their agents/representatives to have the videos pulled. As such I’ll NEVER use my channel to promote any artists ever again.

      I have no issue with the concept of copyright, or ownership rights.

    • Oh… and it’s interesting that you’ve registered a WordPress account just to post that. You don’t happen to be associated with LoveCat Music do you? Or would that be too much of a crazy coincidence.

      But the point is that many artists are happy to exploit the use of viral marketing when it suits them and then suddenly stomp all over those same people using copyright as an excuse.

    • Oh.. actually, don’t bother replying to that last comment about whether or not you’re associated with LoveCat Music.

      Toptip #1: When creating fake accounts it’s best to make sure that the IP addresses are different (68.x.x.226 for reference).

      You’ll notice that I haven’t posted your complete IP address. The reason: I have integrity.

  2. I wonder how much research Bubbles/LoveCat Music or any artist, record label have done on how the likes of YouTube have affected their sales.

    I can see how the early napster or any other peer-peer file sharing network would damage sales of songs/albums and has put the music industry into fear of the web world. YouTube though is a different beast and the fact is actually promotes songs, bands and everything else we watch on the site.

    Perfect example Dave is with one of your old videos that you did for someone else. I’ll not mention the song that was used but after seeing the video I went and purchased the tune and it wasn’t the first or last time I’ve done this.

    • I guess that causing over 600 YouTube users to get copyright strikes is a sound business strategy for reducing the negative impact on the marketability of the track.

      I’m sure they’ll all now rush out to support Bubbles and LoveCat Music in everything they do….. I’ve taken them off my Christmas Card list, and will never purchase anything associated with them in the future.

      Well done LoveCat Music – way to go Champ!

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