Would The Real Copyright Holder Please Stand Up…

Before we get in to it, let me make my position abundantly clear as Ariel and “Sarah” seem to have missed the point: I fully understand that copyright holders can enforce their rights over unauthorised use of their works. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My issue with the two copyright strikes that I have received from YouTube is not that I have been ‘done’ for infringing copyright. It’s that I’ve been done for copyright infringement after having what I believed to be implied permission to use the material.

Since Ariel Isabel of LoveCat Music, and the person “Sarah” posting from the same IP address, have been commenting here I’d like to ask everyone, LoveCats and non LoveCats, to please tell me who Dieffe Sas is.

The reason I ask is this: Dieffemusic.com or dieffemusicdotcom on YouTube aka Dieffe Sas claims to be the copyright holder of the video: Bubbles – Bidibodi Bidibu (thanks you all) Read on…! That video is still up on YouTube, but the actual Bidibodi Bidibu video count is now down to 100.

In the video Bubbles – Bidibodi Bidibu (thanks you all) Read on…! that Dieffe Sas claims copyright on it specifically says at 0:13: “Post your new videos of “Bidibodi Bidibu” on You Tube.”

Here’s a screenie to show what I mean (and under copyright law this is fair use):

Permission to use the track?

I’ve googled Dieffe Sas and the majority of the hits relate to Dieffe Sas claiming copyright of Bubbles – Bidibodi Bidibu. I had a look at Dieffemusic.com too and it all seems fairly legit. So where does LoveCat Music come in to it? I tried searching their site for either Bubbles or Dieffe Sas…. unfortunately it wasn’t pretty:

I can recommend a number of web professionals to fix that....

I couldn’t find a search result for Bubbles either…. or access the artist catalogue…. or much else due to many many php and mysql errors. Technology eh!?

Anyhoo, if anyone can shed some light on this then that would be dandy as I know I’m not the only person who’s been caught out by this.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

8 thoughts on “Would The Real Copyright Holder Please Stand Up…

  1. I don’t believe Dieffe Sas is a person, I think it is actually Dieffe S.a.s. Dieffe seems to be some sort a business in Italy and S.a.s appears to be the Italian equivalent of Inc or LLC. My guess is they own the publishing rights to Bubbles song and that’s how its all related.

    • Ohhh, so that’s not a person… but a company? Well that changes things again. I’m sure that LoveCat Music will turn up soon to explain it all.

      After all, Dieffe couldn’t have had permission to give permission to use the track. Otherwise all those vids that were removed would obviously have been wrongly removed and the strikes wrongly given?

      Because apparently LoveCat Music is the copyright holder…. not Dieffe.

  2. I’ve seen something similar with the Prodigy. They allow usage of some of their songs using attributes and even though the songs are owned and publish by their own label (take me to the hospital) Sony still claims copyright.

    One of my videos is blocked in Germany because of Sony’s claim of ownership. After some digging I found that they did publish or at least contributed to that song in Germany or so I’ve been led to believe.

    • Is that your Invaders Must Die montage? That was awesome. Anyhoo, the issue with music and Germany is not actually a Sony issue but a Tuetonic one (I’ve always wanted to use that word).

      It’s down to GEMA (the recording artists association in Germany) and the required remuneration from YouTube to artists for the tracks played in that region. Basically it would cost YouTube too much in royalties so they just block the vids in that region.

      As for your blockage it seems that many people have the same issue with tracks being labelled as Sony and then blocked, even if Sony does not appear to be the copyright holder:


      • Yeah that’s the one. Ah so that’s explains it. I thought it was strange that the Prodigy would have needed Sony to distribute their songs in Germany tsk, tsk.

  3. “David” – i’m confused. In your December 5 post youi said you don’t have a problem with the copyright holder not wanting their music used.

    Your problem was with YouTube’s policies.

    Now you’re singing a different tune. Can you just tell us if you got permission for all the music in all your videos? It’s a straightforward question.

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  5. Posted on March 28, 2011 by rasdanielenquist123
    Lovecatmusic placed songs of mine on LA LAW AND ORDER, UNDERCOVERS , and PRIVILAGED, little did I know they placed my songs on PRIVELEGED 2 years before I sighned with them and NEVER TOLD ME ! I found it myself and when confronted by my lawyers they said; O we used it because someone said they had the rights to give us . Lovecat offered me a small amount of money to forget about it and move on with our contract . Then they rushed out and registered all my disk at emi or ascott ,even though they could only registar songs they placed ! Lot of funny buisness ! Anyone out there have a similar story with him Randy lovecat Frisch ? My laywers are ON it . For those of us who write and produce music its just these kind of digital theives that need to be caught and bumbaclatt dealt with !

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