BFBC2 Vietnam Day 2

I had the opportunity to get on not only in the week (working from my home city this week), but also in the early evening. So I jumped in and initially attempted to join Ark, but his game was full so I joined Cards’ game.

Vietnam is growing on me. Despite the stats being screwed up again (level 0 so no specs), and my soldier, and apparently Cards, having feet so huge and unwieldy that they can’t be lifted over the tiniest obstacles we had a good run. The squad that I was with was mostly me, Cards, BydoEmpire and Musselking. RedDragons was on initially but he disappeared – we even had a five man squad at one point.

Apparently Donncha was in some of the games as well, but I am bloody useless at noticing who’s on the team if they’re not in the same squad as I’m usually spending my time watching the killer cam.

I was mainly running the arsehole kit tonight (Dvotee will be pleased(!)) – the medic kit with flame thrower. Well, look at it this way, if I have no specs what else am I supposed to do? Use harsh words in the general direction of the enemy!?

Again, I wasn’t recording, which was a shame as I could probably have made BigMooney’s top five plays when I flamethrowered a helicopter TO DEATH! I bet they weren’t expecting that. The enemy tried to make a sneaky land on top of Bravo on one of the maps, but unfortunately for them I was already on my way there, so I got a vehicle destruction and a double kill.

To me the flamethrower is akin to smoke on the original BFBC2, except you actually get points for using it! I used it to cover the arm in some earlier games, and also defending MComs in later games. Yes, it’s an obnoxious weapon, but it’s fairly limited against a good mid to long range player, or a close range player come to think of it. I think it’s more psychological than actually effective. Once people stop being scared of the idiots who are using it (me) then it will be less effective.

I definitely enjoyed tonights games more than last nights, although I would like to play all the maps at some point as tonight it rotated between only two of them. Oh well, something to look forward to I suppose….

(Also, just noticed that EA/DICE have released a more extensive “fankit” resource on their site: (note: there’s quite a stern copyright thingy on the download, so until I am granted permission I’ll be using my crayons – see Best Squad pin at top of post)).

Oh, and just to show me up as the embarrassing noob that I am, MILEYCYRUSTHEVIRUS upped this video:

Obvious 360 no-scope aimbot noob-tube wallhacker if ever I saw one….

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “BFBC2 Vietnam Day 2

    • That was the last game I think when I changed to engineer because the enemy were using the tank and not pushing up. They were hiding out in the huts… hiding.

      The whirly-gig of flaming death might have been at the beginning of that round, or possibly the one before as I think we defended twice in a row on that one.

  1. It was great playing with you guys and I could tell you were having a lot of fun with the flamethrower haha. I got kicked to the main screen and couldn’t get back in but that 5 main squad was deadly! Merry Christmas man and I hope to see you online soon.

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