BFBC2: Vietnam

First play, when I eventually get on…. Played Rush with many different people, all very good fun. I wish that DICE put in larger squads though, or cross squad chat as I feel bad when people can’t join. But I digress.

Two things stand out the most for me in the game:

1 – I know that GIs have a reputation for being thick, but I’m pretty sure that even they could step over small obstacles. That’s right, my pet hate is back x1000! Getting stuck on the terrain! I’m not expecting ‘no_clip’ type responses from a game but I would like to make it up a small step without having to jump.

2 – Use an LMG rather the RPG against the helicopters. Unless the pilot has no eyes and no thumbs you’re unlikely to hit a helicopter as the RPG flies so damned slow! In fact the only thing the RPG seems to be good for is giving your position away.

However, running around as a medic with a flame thrower is a lot of fun. Yes, it’s cheap (the clue is in the name). It seems though that this is another game where you either do amazing, or utterly shit. There doesn’t appear to be a middle ground at the moment.

I suppose once I learn the maps a bit and start running in the right direction things will change. But on first impressions it’s good and definitely worth the £9.99 it eventually cost to unlock (134kb file…..). I’m hoping that the server issues calm down soon though.

What about the rest of y’all?

(Also, I didn’t record any of the games)

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “BFBC2: Vietnam

  1. I’ve lost count of the number of times I was running without moving only to look down and see a small wooden path or branch or something.

    And yes, LMG vs heli works really well 🙂

    Who were you playing with last night? Cards? Mike, Gavin, Tye, Conor, bigpresh were all on our team for most of the night. Unfortunately the team was maxed out when you logged in 😦

    • I started off with Ark, then Cards, then I think it was Mike, Tye and Shiznit at the end. Can’t remember if SuffyWuffy was in there somewhere too.

      I didn’t see your twitter message until I logged off, but yes… there was room for three.

      Next time Gadget… next time

  2. Bah, so you’re a ‘flamey’ are you…… me no like you anymore hahaha!!!!

    For seasoned pro’s such as yourself and Donncha I’m sure you’ll get into the swing of it fairly quickly, main thing is you had fun 😉

    • Well I was getting fed up of watching the killer cam so decided to load up the biggest arsehole kit I could find…

      Best quote of the night from one of the guys I was squaded with: “If I wanted to watch this many killcams I’d play Black Ops!”

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