VIDEO: The Irish Connection

This a Squad Death Match that we played on Isla Inocentes before Christmas. The three of us were recording and have put that together in to one video showing each individual feed at the top and the main window displaying the current action.

In the game you’ll see Duck tearing the map up while Donncha and I paint the town a delightful shade of mediocre. My favourite part is Donncha’s out of bounds kill on Sniper Ridge – total dedication to the cause there.

Our commentary doesn’t actually talk about the gameplay as we decided that that is pretty self explanatory so instead we talk about game tactics and how the slayers get their kills. Yes, we have a Massacring Mallard in our midst.

Duck’s audio came out quite low in the final mix though so headphones are advised to fully hear the conversation.

Also check out Donncha and Duck’s channels on here:

Peas and loaves.

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