A Bit of a Catch Up

Right I’ve got a couple of things to post about, so let’s get going:

More Choice, More Variety: Non-English Language Commentary

I think it’s important that there’s variety of choice in most things (as long as there’s quality too – no one wants a choice of brainsurgeon ranging from world class, to comes bottom of his class when playing ‘Operation’…) and so when I’ve had people message me about setting up their channels I always give them the same advice:

Do it because you enjoy doing it
Do your own thing, be your own person

Being a UK/Europe guy another topic that pops up from time to time is “I’m from [insert country] and I’d like to do commentary but they have to be in English….” This seems to be a misconception. Sure, if you want to reach the widest audience then doing it in English is going to help out, but I think it’s something of a shame that more people don’t commentate in their native language. It’s definitely a good way of gaining confidence should that person then decide to move on to English language commentary.

I may be odd, but I quite enjoy watching/listening to non-English commentaries. Anyone else?
In the meantime (I tweeted this the other day) for Polish language commentary ThrashHMG has begun putting up commentaries (BFBC2 at the moment):

Powodzenia Thrash, Twój komentarz brzmi świetnie do tej pory (google translate, so apologies for any errors).

MrCheapKills PSN Account

When Vietnam came out I had trouble with the PSN store not accepting my card to the point where it locked my account of the transaction area all together. Sony (non)support were enthusiastic, but ultimately useless and so (with prompting from Donncha) I thought “I’ll just create a new account, download it and play on that!” By some fluke, MrCheapKills was available so I registered with that.

Vietnam downloaded and I was ready to go….. except for one fatal flaw: no VIP codes. Dagnabbit! Well yesterday my pal Nintendo Mike came round for some beer and gaming. He’s a much keener gamer than me and generally beats me on everything we play…. except CoD4. I put that in last, 1v1 and I was like a god! I know it’s not much fun getting beat so we then played some co-op World at War and zombies, then a bit of Spec-Ops on MW2. So what’s this got to do with MrCheapKills?

When Mike had left I thought I’d have a go on MW2 for probably on the second time since I got BFBC2. So MrCheapKills – total noob, level 0 and the first lobby I join….. and infection/hack/something lobby!? Double-You-Tee-Eff! I didn’t think they had them on the PS3. Anyway, as I’m curious about these things I stayed for a look around:

None of that video is speeded up, or edited, that’s how it was – as soon as the game started and I saw what it was I hit record.

It just seems completely pointless to me, and I’m glad I don’t play MW2 anymore, especially as the the next game I got in to was a pro-pipe extravaganza on Terminal. It’s a bit hypocritical for me to have a go at pro-pipers, but the game has been out sooooo long that surely people are bored with that sort of thing now?

Right, so on to what this has to do with MrCheapKills….. after the debacle that was MW2 I decided to play some Level Zero BFBC2 non-VIP. SDM I go and find that level Zero must be where all the CoD players live as the first “conversation” I had was this:

Australian Kid: Anyone got a mic?
Me: Yup
Australian Kid: Where are you from?
Me: UK
Australian Kid: Cool, I’m from Australia
Me: That’s good to hear
…..couple of minutes later
Australian Kid: Hey, UK guy?
Me: Yeah?
Australian Kid: Are you gay?
Me: Erm, no. Do you wish I was gay?
Australian Kid: NO! Why would you say that?!
Me: Well why would you ask if I was gay?
Australian Kid: I don’t know
Me: Well it was you who asked the question so you should know…
Australian Kid: Well it’s just that most UK people are gay.
Me: Of course, I’d forgotten about that.
*leave game*

So then Duck joined me and we created havoc among the hard of thinking. We even spent some time being bush wookiees on Laguna Presa as that is what all the cool kids do. I even got a cool long quick scope on a medic who must have been new as he shot his LMG everywhere around me, but not really at me. It was fun, but a bit like playing against bad AI for the most part. Even the high ranking players (level 46) tended to be not very good – and that’s something coming from me!

Video to follow

Okay so here’s what it’s all got to do with MrCheapKills. My main account in PSN is going to remain as evaDlivE as that is where all my DLC access. But for future games I’m thinking that I’m going to be using the MrCheapKills account to tie things in a bit better. Hmmm, took me long enough to say that.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

4 thoughts on “A Bit of a Catch Up

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  2. Hi Dave.
    I missed this post somehow :). I have only just read it and what I see? My vid.
    Thanks for promoting my channel :).
    “Powodzenia Thrash, Twój komentarz brzmi świetnie do tej pory” – It’s a well translation :).

    Conversation with Australian Kid – hilarious :).

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