PS3 Jailbreak

I previously blogged about Sony’s decision to remove the ability to run alternative OS on the PS3 and how the “homebrew” community were much put out about this. I agreed with Sony in that they were doing it to ensure the integrity of the gaming platform. Especially when the Xbox is JTagged and the Wii can be soft modded using Lego Indiana Jones and a bit of know how. Anyone familiar with those platforms will have run in to people using hacks and cheats (my own experience on Mario Kart of all games) that are available for one reason: they’ve been cracked.

The PS3 has so far been pretty stable and safe, with Sony quickly patching any breaches that have been detected. The “homebrew” community continue to claim that they’re empowering users and offering variety…..

No, they’re allowing a tiny percentage of those people who unlock their devices to run “homebrew” for whatever purpose they may have intended it for, the rest use the cracked machines to run pirated games and employ hacks and cheats.

Here’s what I don’t get: The crackers/homebrewers are hell bent on unlocking devices to do stuff that, admittedly, they are capable of doing and in some instances are really cool. But ultimately what’s the point? Oh, you want to run linux? You want to utilise the processing power and GFX processing? Well how about this, it may come as a shocker, but there’s these things out there already that do all that. They’re called PCs. You can even build them to your own specifications too. They’ll even use your game controller! No need to bust a nut circumventing hardware and software lock out protocols on them either.

Because let’s be honest, cracking consoles and other devices is not actually a benefit to the majority of users, and the majority of users who come in contact with a cracked console are going to be on the wrong end of an aimbot or unlimited boost.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “PS3 Jailbreak

    • I don’t care about trophies either and I think they’re a bit of a waste of time. I also don’t understand how people can have such skewed realities that they would boast about achievements they didn’t actually earn.

      • Like this one time, I got this 1337 no-scope 360 ladder shot and killed the entire enemy team with it and a trophy popped up saying “You’re the bestest beast in the universe”. Of course, I was, like, “duuuh”.

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