Weeklyish Update #Something

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weeklyish update, but then, the clue is in the name. However, it has been so long since the last one that I’ve forgotten what number I’m on. I could do a search and find out, but then that would mean less time to write this and time is something that I don’t really have at the moment. Which brings us on to the first update thingy:

Modern Combat

Donncha was tweeting about Modern Combat recently and today I downloaded it with a view to play it with him. However, as happens when you’re a gaming parent, offline priorities stole Donncha away. No matter, I still had to download it. Once installed I started recording as soon as it loaded with a view to doing some sort of ‘first play’ type video if it turned out well. It did not turn out well.

I ran the game for 10 minutes (which is a looooong time in Parentville) and in that time I played the game for less than a minute. The rest of the time was taken up by loading screens, joining screens and watching someone laying dead on the ground:

For me, this first experience did nothing to enamour me to the game. The next step for me is to delete it from the console as I won’t be playing it again. The main reason for me is that I don’t have time to sit around for 7 minutes just waiting to get in to a game, only to dicked around for another 2 minutes before finally getting in. It’s fine to not allow respawning (it makes most players play ‘smarter’) but it shouldn’t take bloody ages to get in to a game.

In my opinion, if you want a game that you can just jump in to, shoot people in the face and just get on with it then opt for BF1943. It’s probably about the same price too. If you want something like this then get Counter Strike.

Here’s Donncha’s take on the game. He seemed to have more success against lobbies of bots:

Although his second game is maybe not so good…

L4D2 Vacant Map

Recently Donncha, Tyewebb and I played some L4D2, specifically on the Call of Duty 4 map remake of Vacant by CrazyRabbit. It’s a really well done remake right down to the lighting. The main difference is that the building over by the cargo containers is open as a sort of generator room where you flick the switch to bring on the horde.

Here’s my vid of one of our games:

and Donncha’s vid:

So if you’re playing L4D2 on the PC and have a go on this then definitely hop over to CrazyRabbit’s channel and thank him.


Does anyone know how to access your VIP content on a second account? I’ve been running around on MrCheapKills as a level 0 but don’t have access to the VIP content. I can’t use the same email address for the second account as my main account. Any ideas?

I’d also like to know why I’d be put in to matches with people who are level 40…. And for the love of god people, give the AN-94 with 4X noob a rest!


I know at the beginning I say to get BF:1943 instead of Modern Combat, but be warned: it’s a laggy mess. Well, for me at least. I always seem to end up in games with people on the other side of the world. Not just Americans, but proper other side of the world. Japan, maybe Korea, Thailand, Malaysia judging by the names. It’d be great to be able to see the enemy before finding myself dead and not have to lead a target by half an hour. So any ideas on that one either peeps?

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Weeklyish Update #Something

  1. It’s really weird about your second account. I was able to use the same EA login for both accounts. I think you can force Bad Company 2 to logout if you change the EA password on their site, then you could try your original account on the second PSN account?

  2. About the VIP code thing, I can tell you how its suppose to work, I just tested this out with a 2nd PSN that I don’t use. Your 2 PSN accounts will have different email addresses but you need to link them to one EA account with the same email. When you try to go to multiplayer for the 1st time it asks for your EA account information. Here on your 2nd account you should input the email address and password for your EA account that is linked to your evadlive account then your 2nd account has VIP. I’m guessing you created a whole new EA profile with your 2nd account and that’s why it doesn’t have VIP. I can’t seem to find a way to get the game to ask you again for your EA account information. I tried deleting the saved data for BFBC2 for the 2nd profile but that didn’t do it.
    I would suggest sending EA support an email explaining the situation and asking them to link MrCheapkills to your original EA account.

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