Statistical Quantification

Earlier on today I posted to twitter asking those who have read my tweet to post ‘READ’ in reply. It may seem like an odd thing to do, but there was actually a good reason for it.

I hit 100 followers today(ish). I didn’t go around thumping them or anything, they just chose to follow me on Twitter. Much like YouTube, the amount of subscribers/followers I have is unimportant to me, but the interaction level is. So as most of you know, I like stats, and it would be interesting to know from those of you on Twitter/YouTube if you have similar outcomes.

So here’s my breakdown of interaction in terms of what happens on each platform for The CheapKills Experience™:

Of all the views on a video that I have roughly 25% of visitors rate the video and 10% leave a comment (it’s usually the same 10% so you can be my ‘Hardcore Beauties’).

On Twitter, out of 100 followers, 14 responded which by my sums works out at 14% interaction. Obviously the time of day makes a difference on that one as not everyone will have seen the tweet, or see it as it’ll have dropped off most peoples feeds by now.

However, for total interaction across both platforms it seems to sort of average out. What about the rest of you? How’s your interaction rate?

So thankyou, my Hardcore Beauties. You are all cowing lush.

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

4 thoughts on “Statistical Quantification

  1. I guessed that’s what you were up to. Fortunately for me, as I am new to twitter, Youtube etc I don’t really have enough loyal followers with a ‘long term service record’ to make any impact on such a test.

    Now of course you can add your blog to the test as well 😉

    • The blog itself is more like a completely different animal. If you want to know what I’m really thinking then you’re more likely to find it here, while Twitter and YouTube (especially) are more for entertainment purposes.

      The majority of YouTube subs don’t venture to these parts.

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