Weeklyish Update #Sunday

Yup, pretty much given up on numbering these as I’m still too lazy to go back and see what number the last one was. This I think would be 9, or maybe 10….


Firstly – Episode 2 of The Gamer’s Craic is up. Our guest this time is TyeWebb, famous for playing Blur, BFBC2, Blops, L4D2 and most recently his Amnesia ‘Let’s Play’ series (which can be found on his channel). In this podcast our main topics are: boosting (or paying to boost), game porting, C64 programming and current gaming.

Here’s the promo vid:

Click here for The Gamer’s Craic Podcast


AlphaWolfy put a vid celebrating being on YouTube for a year. His commentaries have definitely improved a lot in that time. Confident positive, and upbeat, he’s doing a great job:

I think I missed my anniversary for this blog – January the something 2010 was my first post on here when I was trying to get better at MW2….. how things have changed. And I think March was when I started uploading properly to the old MrCheapKills channel. I won’t be doing any anniversary vids, but I do have something special planned for when I hit the 1,000 subscriber mark again.

Helping the Community

I thought I’d do my bit for the community and have been upping tip vids to help those new to commentating and video editing. The vids don’t get a lot of views (partly because I don’t keyword them), but then that’s not really the point – as long as one person finds them useful then I’m happy that they’ve been a success.

Last week I also offered to commentate/voiceover other peoples vids. SuffyWuffy took me up on the offer and so I added my words to his Blops gameplay:

Duty Calls/Copyright

Also in the week I downloaded EA’s spoof game ‘Duty Calls’. It’s a vehicle for advertising the apparently more exciting and engaging ‘Bullet Storm’. It’s amusing to play with many of the features of other military shooters parodied. I did run in to one problem when I did a live commentary over it though in that at the end of the game it includes the trailer for Bullet Storm. You can’t exit out of it, and since I continued my commentary over it I thought that I’d just upload the whole lot.

However, YouTube flagged it straight away as containing content that may be owned by EA. I took the video down, stripped out the Bullet storm footage and reuploaded with an alternate ending. Videos that are flagged don’t tend to have much of a problem, but since I’m attempting to remain copyright strike free on this channel it had to go. This is mainly because YouTube are useless when it comes to responding to contact regarding copyright issues (I’m still waiting for a response from May 2010 about the Machete trailer and also regarding the vid using the Bubbles track…. good work fellas).

Here’s the Duty Calls vid:

Music Vids and Thumbs Down

Due to the line of work I’m in I know there are many people out there who are hard of thinking. I’m also aware of the many different disabilities that can afflict people (visible or otherwise) and so I try to make my vids as accessible as possible. My main thing is ensuring that people can tell what the video is going to contain from the title. Here’s a breakdown of what I use:

– (PODCAST) = the vid contains information about a podcast.
– (LIVE COMM) = the vid is a live commentary.
– (MUSIC) = the vid is set to music

Everything else is just going to be a straight clip or commentary. Now perhaps you can give me some feedback here. Are those titles misleading?

The reason I ask is this: apart from the thumb down BFBC2 troll who spends their time searching for and thumbing down Battlefield vids, the music vids get more thumbs down than any other type. I’m not sure if the music I’m putting them to is the problem, or if it’s just people being hard of thinking. It’d be something if people actually posted why they thumbed down. For example: the clips suck balls, or the music caused their cat to vomit on the rug. But no, just a thumb down. The only explanation I have is that those people thumbing down vids that they don’t want to watch (with the exception of Justin Beiber vids) have profound mental retardation and should not be allowed on the internet unsupervised.

But enough of that. My latest music vid wasn’t going to be a music vid at all. It was just going to be some clips from an hours play the night before. So what happened? Well an idea popped in to my head for an intro which I thought worked well for the content…. then because I put so much in to the intro I couldn’t just leave some naked clips on there. Cue timelapse cut scene of me building a tank in a barn out of an old tractor, some two by four, sixteen square metres of tarpaulin and some old drainage pipe ala The A-Team. So I created some music to go with it too (I do all my own stunts as well).

In the end, my quick vid took most of the day to complete:

Which was ironic really considering that I’d said to Donncha earlier in the week that I wasn’t going to do any videos at all this weekend….


Those of you who have been in game with me know that the words ‘Beast’ and ‘David’ do not usually go together. Most adjectives associated with my gameplay are based around the following: stupid, fail, comedic etc. so when I get a clip that is totally the opposite to how I usually play it is something of a momentous occasion:

However, it seems that there are people out there who believe that if you put a video up then you’re inviting others to being as obnoxious they like about it:

@getcrackin1 criticize…i just commented on his video if he did not want ppl to write what they are thinking then he/she would not put there shit on the internet now would they?.
grimkiller894 11 hours ago

‘People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ was the adage that sprung to mind when I checked out grimkiller894’s channel. It’s one thing to have videos up showing how awesome you are and then go to another not so good player’s channel and tell them that they suck (it’s shitty, but it happens), but it’s somewhat ironic to post comments about a gameplay being crappy when your own videos are…. less than awesome. So, good work fella.

MrCheapKills PSN Account

Lastly, if you have me added on PSN then you might want to also add MrCheapKills. That’s the account that I’ll mostly be using now. It’s now linked to my other BFBC2 account and so has access to all the VIP content. Plus I’m having fun running around as a low level with no specs (can’t wait to unlock Magnum Ammo again).

I think that’s it for this week. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates on how much I hate public transport (driving to work on Monday though so won’t be many updates then). – http://www.twitter.com/cheapkills

Peas and loaves.

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David Nicol is Articles Editor for hupitgaming.com, YouTube gaming commentator and blogger based in the UK.

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