Had some great games last night with TyeWebb, briefly Redd_dragons, Car_Jacker1, and DrunkinDunkin (there was also Bydo Empire and Matsa, but they were on another squad).

I was using my usual mix and match of hopelessly inappropriate kits, mainly because I’ve still not unlocked anything worthwhile on the MrCheapKills account yet. Got some C4 kills, most notably a really douchey kill against a mounted MG user on Valparaisio, then boobytrapping the MCom when they went to disarm “They’re disarming…” Me: “Not any more” *BOOM* and also firing a medic across the map while killing myself at the same time.

There was also a moment on Nelson Bay (Oops – White Pass) where DrunkinDunkin, Tywebb and I used up the worlds supply of C4 on one building (I think there’s a video in the offing by Gavin on that one). I also witnessed Gavin circle strafing like a boss on Oasis after he had a less than successful stint in a random helicopter.

All in all we trounced the other team, with them barely making it past the first base on most of the maps. On attack they mostly stayed in their spawn once they were below 30 tickets. And there was a massive amount of medics on the opposing team too. A poor show to be honest.

But great games none the less, despite my relatively early night.

Don’t forget – Community Cock-About Challenge, TONIGHT:

And here’s Gavin’s White Pass video (complete with many medics):

Be there or be….. somewhere else.

Peas and loaves.

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One thought on “MEDIC!?

  1. Thanks for the mention Dave and for posting my video. I have some videos of the other games we played so I’ll try and get them uploaded soon.

    Great games, hopefully we can do it again soon.

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