Block That!

In my last post (How to get Blocked 101) I used a real life example of the sort of message that most people who upload to YouTube can expect to get.

I had blocked the channel mentioned and reported for spam and went on my merry way. Part of my way of merrying is to have loads of tabs and windows open. It’s something I’ve always done for no particular reason. I’m like a hoarder, but with bits and bytes and wasted memory space, but I digress.

So I’m closing down tabs in readiness to shut down when I come to the tab of the offending channel. Being nosey I decided to refresh the page to see what gems of joy the other people who they’d spammed had left in the channel comments (I’d opted for a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ with the words wittily changed to ‘Happy Block Day’).

On F5ing the page I got this:

Okay, so I thought that YouTube was tough on copyright…. but they actually TERMINATE you for spamming. So kids, the next time you post a spam comment on YouTube and there’s a stranger at the door…. maybe it’d be best to pretend your name is not Sarah Connor.

Peas and loaves.

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