The Hunt is ON!

Followers on Twitter may have seen my tweet last week regarding my employment situation. If not then here’s the low down: the project that I’m currently working on is coming to an end in September. Initially I was assured that I’d be able to transfer to another part of the company…..but hey, what can I say. It turns out that when the project ends, so will my employment.

At the moment I have until September to find something else, but the chop may come sooner as the project winds down so I’ve been looking for other work. If you happen to know of any vacancies or have any leads then please drop me a line.

But on to the other side of this. Since the Autumn I’ve sort of neglected my participation online in favour of concentrating on my real life work, but over the weekend I’ve been re-evaluating what I’ve been doing as I re-engage with different communities and sites.

One of the first things that I ever posted on this blog when I started it over a year ago was how if I ever did anything commercial on here it would be blatantly labelled as such. This is because I feel it is incredibly disingenuous to post about something when the only reason you’re doing it is because you’re paid to do so (especially being positive about something you could care less about). Integrity is very important to me and as before, my integrity is not for sale.

Saying that, I’m looking at ways of generating revenue ‘streams’ from my content and activities on the interwebs. Historically many of the programmes available that monetised content and activity were only available to US citizens. I know this has changed now but I’m not up to speed with what options are available so I’d like to ask y’all for any pointers, or experiences, you may have on the subject.

I’m not looking to make any major changes to what I do, and I certainly won’t be peppering my stuff with ads, nor am I under any illusions that I’m going to make enough money to live off (or even buy a Big Mac) but it’d be nice to have something coming in.

Just to make the point again – I’m not going to be having adverts everywhere, or endorsing products that have no interest to me, I’m just looking to get some ideas on making my time pay back a bit (I’ll still be doing the things I do whether or not they make me any money).

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “The Hunt is ON!

  1. Well this is something that I’ve been doing for a few years so here is my view on what you are asking.

    First off, there is nothing wrong about posting commercial things on your blog, as long as its related to your topic and its your honest view. For example, I recently did a post about a pro gaming chair (which I have and use) and posted a link to their website to buy the chair. Getcrackin jokingly made a statement about it being a sponsored post, which it wasn’t. If I wanted to make money from that post I would added an affiliate link to a store such as Amazon and if I did that I still dont see an issue what the issue would be. As long as I gave my honest view on the chair that I own and pointed the reader to a reputable shop to purchase it then I don’t see an issue BUT yes I should point out the link is affiliated.

    Also, you dont need to plaster ads on this site if you dont want to. Personally I dont see any major issue with it as long as we can still read your posts and navigate the site. Your repeat visitors tend to ignore ads anyway, its passing traffic from search engines that tend to click them as its part of their surfing experience – although some adverts can really spoil that experience for them so there is always a careful consideration to take on what adverts to use.

    You could always set-up a new blog for the sole purpose of trying obtain revenue. I always tell people blog about a topic that you know about or have an interest with i.e. games, footy teams or how to fix shoes (no idea where that one came from).

    I think I would surprise you with some of the sites that I run, some really big ones and small tooty ones but the revenue adds up at the end of each month.

    I know this comment is long winded and this is a topic that I could talk about for hours so if you want to pick my brains about it then I would be more than happy to do so over skype.

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