I was on BFBC2 last night with drunkindunkin, Ryu, Shaz, and My_Dog_Bill (no, my dog is not called Bill….. ah, forget it). For the most part they were the squad I was rolling with. Oh, did I say rolling, I should have said ‘steam rollering’ because that’s pretty much what every game is at the moment. And here’s the reason why:

This is how it went down with every team we were up against: us attacking – Hooray we win. Us defending – hold them at the first base. Even more frustrating was the first game we played when joined on the last base of Port Valdez as attackers (75 tickets). We kept getting getting stopped as we ran up the left side and eventually I noticed on the minimap that not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE of our team mates where filthy wookiees sitting in our spawn sniping!

After another failed attempt at getting up the hill with no support I decided to go and let our wookiess know what a sterling job they were doing by parking a tank in their line of view and destroying every bit of cover they were using. Sorry random filthmongers, but sniping defenders only counts as supporting your team if you’re sniping the people mowing down your team mates – the same counts when defending, you have to snipe attackers BEFORE they plant the MCom, not after.

Luckily after a couple of games other people from my friends list joined in so we were at about 50% effectiveness. Although on defense I think we could have just played tracer dart tag and still won. At one point I messaged an enemy sniper, congratulating on sniping me, again, and encouraged him to actually leave his spawn and go for the objective. He didn’t reply.

Eventually it got frustrating not being able to go and get the enemy (out of bounds is ballcocks), especially on Harvest Day. That map is rubbish when the enemy team are filthmongers. After about 15 minutes on the first base they still had 32 tickets so we decided that Conquest had it coming. At least those who are shy about leaving their spawn can be encouraged to do so by some gentle spawn raping in conquest.

You can understand new players who don’t know what to do strapping on the wookiee kit and staying put, but these filthmongers were all level 45+ including a number of level 50s…. some of whom donated their dogtags to me in return for a ritual digital nut dip.

If you want to whore kills, play SDM. Sure, I’m not a fan of telling people how to play for the most part, but at least play the GAMETYPE, even if you do intend to be obnoxious.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Filthmongers

  1. just to let you know they paid for that game, they can do whatever they want with it, they are funding battlefield 3, so i think you should let them alone!
    there is a thing called exit game on the menu that makes you get out of the game.

  2. I couldn’t agree more than they paid for the game and they should be able to play as they wish BUT when you have a full team on rush sitting at their base they have basically killed the game and how its supposed to be played. Exiting the game is just proof that the game(s) have been killed.

    Dave isnt talking about 1 or 2 games with campers either, this was several last night.

    If Battlefield 3 is being sponsered by campers and will be nothing but campers I’d be the first person to pass up on buying the game. I know many other Battlefield gamers would too.

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