So I went to an interview….

Here’s two things I learnt today:

1 – Any company that rings you on Good Friday (a Bank Holiday here in the UK) to arrange an interview on Easter Monday (which is also a Bank Holiday) are probably not going to be the best company to work for.
2 – If you ask directly if the job is sales and the response you get is very vague and doesn’t actually tell you what the job is….. then it’s sales.

When I was rung last Friday morning I was surprised to be offered an interview for what is now today (Easter Monday). Doubly surprised as both days were Bank Holidays, but hey-ho, not all companies are born equal and it was an interview…. but before I accepted I asked some very pertinent questions:

“What exactly does your company do?” and also the caveat that I’m not looking for a sales position in any way shape or form. I couldn’t really put it any clearer than that. But no, I was assured that it wasn’t sales. Okay then, let’s put family time on hold over Bank Holiday.

When I arrived for the interview I asked the guy who does the greeting what the job was and reiterated again that if it was sales then there was no point me being there. Again, no not sales, there are other positions available. I then asked some other questions about the company and the vaguery made me want to get up and walk out there and then. But being the eternal optimist I decided to wait and see what The Man had to say.

After waiting half an hour I was in and out of the office as the interview, in a nutshell, went like this:
“Why do you want to work in sales?”
“I don’t”
“Well why did you apply for a sales job?”
“I didn’t, I applied for what I believed was a customer services/support role.”
“Well that’s what sales is all about, you’re good at one you’re good at the other.”
“I told Geraint on the phone, and when I arrived that I wasn’t interested in a sales job. Which this obviously is.”
“Well nice to meet you then.”
“Uh-huh, bye”

On the way out I made my feelings known to Geraint.

Can someone explain to me why there are so many shit companies out there at the moment?

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Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “So I went to an interview….

  1. Nobody’s thinking long-term success. They all want to exploit the workers, sell cheap shit and pull a rope-a-dope on the customers. Perhaps, it’s a reflection of a seemingly unstable economy, but I’d say it has more to do with greed that builds on greed. Quick profit, then quick expansion, then more profit, then expansion and then sell the business before they have to file for bankruptcy because they overreached.

    • It’s pissing me off when I’m job searching, not just for me, but the people I’m helping as well and the majority of the jobs I see advertised are shit like this.

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