L4D2 and Output Tips

Let me just say, first of all, that it’s like a breath of fresh air to write about something other and Playstation Bloody Network. I’ll be so glad when Sony sort that debacle out so that I can get on with other content over at \gaming.com!

On with the reason for the post. Donncha, TyeWebb, Shaz and me had some zombie blasting fun on L4D2 the other night. It was quite amusing, especially as Shaz has always played the game in such a way as to avoid the witches as much as possible. That’s not really possible when in game with me. In the non-virtual world I don’t press the red button to see what it does, and I don’t poke wasps nests with sticks. In game it’s the opposite. You need someone to headbutt a tank? Provide a juicy dither fish target while you get the objective? Slap the witch on the arse while saying “Hubba hubba!”? Then that’s me!

Nine times out of ten the witch gets me, but I did actually kill her in one game a while back with the AK47, only the once though.

Donncha put up a quick blog post about the game and video I put up about the games here.

Output Tips

All PC games footage that I record is in 4:3 because that’s the monitor output that I have. A widescreen monitor is on my to do list, but it’s not a priority and PC gameplay is mainly aimed at the people I’m in game with. However a commenter on the video ZonalFear took the time to post some really good tips in the comments on the video on how to record in widescreen for YouTube outputs. Here’s what he said:

Is this on PC? If you use a program like xfire to record you can set the video options in L4D2 to 1280×720, then set the aspect ratio to 16:9. Make sure xfire is recording in full frame.

Once finished, exit game and you have a raw, widescreen 16:9 file that just needs your finishing touches in your favourite video editor and VOILA! Widescreen 720p HD video for your Youtube.

If this is 360, I just wasted a lot of time.:D

^^ This is the sort of thing that makes doing things on the intertubes worthwhile. You see so much shit and bitching being posted so it’s amazing when randomly someone posts something that’s really useful for no other reason than it may be of use to people. Ahhhh warm fuzzy feelings.

Peas and loaves.

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