PS3: I Love You, but…

I love the PS3. It’s wonderful. The original fat one with the piano black finish, the new slim one with the…. quieter stuff. Brilliant bit of hardware, Bluray player, online gaming for free (unlike the bloody Xbox360), but since PSN has been down for almost three weeks which has included not only the most Bank Holidays all at one time this country has ever seen but also a four day weekend thanks to some holiday booking at work.

Sony’s timing with the PS3 has never been good. They took so long to release it that I originally bought an Xbox360. That was 2006. It wasn’t until 2008 that I got the PS3. By that time I’d gotten really annoyed with the nature of XBL. Why? Oh I’ll tell you why:

1 – Arseholes. My console online gaming experiences were not pleasant (I was originally a PC gamer back in the day). Not that anything was done to me, but having to listen to the abuse people were giving one another…. not my cup of tea. I played some CoD4 and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter before deciding that online wasn’t really for me.

2 – Paying to play games online. When you pay for XBL what exactly are you getting? The ability to tell your Xbox that you want to play online. All the dashboard and party thingies and chat doodas are ancillary. It’s ridiculous. I paid for the console, I bought the game, I pay my internet service provider, but if I want to use them all together I have to pay Microsoft for the honour of playing on a system that they have failed to keep secure?! The Xbox360 is hacked, cracked and exploited and Microsoft cannot or will not do anything to prevent it from happening. Bag of shite.

3 – I wasn’t really playing all that much and didn’t want to play online with a bunch of arseholes (see 1.).

Things have changed (not in terms of my opinion of paying for XBL – that is still a huge con no matter how you dress it up), I now have a number of friends online who are also XBL players, some exclusively which means that I’ve got people to join up with on games that I enjoy playing. And that’s the main thing.

Having decent people to be in game with totally changed the online experience for me. Donncha was actually the first person on console that I actually spoke to properly, and up until that point I had a really dim view of the online gaming scene.

Anyhoo, here’s the thing. If I pay for XBL live then I’m not sure how much I’m actually going to use the PS3. We already know that developers seem to put more effort in to coding for the Xbox and then do a shitty port to PS3 in the hope that no one notices. I’m more likely to buy a game on the platform that I’m paying to use as well which could mean that the PS3 is left to legacy titles and PS3 exclusives.

We’ll see how it goes. Should be on Xbox by next weekend. Add MrCheapKills for teabagging events and general shenanigans.

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “PS3: I Love You, but…

  1. Come back playing teh PC. Smart people, great graphix. Do not believe M$ or Sony. The cake is still a lie.


      • Uhh ahh, so what’s your player name on PC? Wanna check your stats. =) ‘All your base are belong to us!’

        Just read your PC is too damn slow for BFBC2? What a pity I would enjoy being in a squad with you once (or twice). Maybe you could even join us on our Teamspeak… though my englich is not that good. *lol*

        I’m preparing myself to configure a decent PC for BF3. From what I heard the graphix must be awful on the PC (unless your hardware is outdated).


  2. It feels like we’ve come full circle. I started out on Xbox and rescued my PS3 to play BfBC2 with you but I was always pissed off that Dvotee couldn’t play with us. Now a year later PSN goes tits up and you’re forced to move to Xbox!

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