No YouTube, You Haven’t Found What I Like

I hate sales, I hate sales people. I hate being sold to. I hate being told what I should like and what I should think. I know what I like, I know what I want. If you haven’t got what I’m asking for then I’m not going to buy some other stuff because it’s in stock, and if I’m not buying other stuff off the shelf then it’s because I either don’t like it, or it doesn’t interest me in the first place.

Ooooh, bit of a rant there, but that’s how I feel about crap like this:


Every time I log in to YouTube I get this rubbish. “Hey why don’t you subscribe to Machinima, and Wingsofredemption and Woodysgamertag? We show you their channel link every day so why not just click subscribe and we’ll stop?” Maybe it’s because I don’t want to subscribe to those channels, I’ve been subscribed to those channels and unsubscribed for very good reasons (which regular and historic readers of this blog may or may not remember).

Fine, let’s go to my subscriptions list because that’s where the channels that I want to watch live…. oh wait, YouTube is trying to tell me something again:


Seriously YouTube: FOAD

I’m fairly confident that they are not the only three gaming channels on YouTube…. or are they paying for the privilege of polluting my screen? Either way, YouTube needs to sort this rubbish out. If they’ve shown me the same channels more than three times and I still haven’t clicked on there then chances are I’m not going to.

It would be much better for me, and YouTube uploaders in general if they rotated these “featured” bods like in the good/bad old days. Which reminds me of a video that Chris (redd_dragons) tweeted a while back where AndrewBravener talked about how YouTube no longer helps out the smaller channels to get noticed while the bigger channels just keep getting bigger.

I suppose there are parallels to real life and capitalism there which are quite apt as YouTube is a business and as we all know businesses nowadays are only interested in turning a profit by whatever means (and who cares about the little guy right?).

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “No YouTube, You Haven’t Found What I Like

  1. I usually ignore the suggestions and, if I’m interested in adding to my sub box, I’ll check out what my friends have been watching in “recent activities”. For someone who doesn’t want to “play the game,” the only way to gain attention is by word-of-mouth and THAT can take a long time to flesh out.

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